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Tablets with Dirtybird
Leaked next gen specs
Anarchy Reigns
Let’s kill the PC VS Console War
Does it really matter who came in 2nd and 3rd?
CES Nvidia

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Rikuson12798d ago

The beginning shows how many young gamers of this generation think that this world is just their nice safe play ground, everyone is safe and polite, I can play video games with any old geezer that calls himself 18.

JoySticksFTW2798d ago

Of course it doesn't matter who's second or third now, as long as each system was supported.

But the Warzone always had the vibe that the PS3 was an utter failure, just because they have solid competition from Xbox.

Sony certainly isn't perfect, but c'mon. It was even on a recent Warzone that I first heard one of the crew suggest Sony cut down on developing exclusives and instead place more money into marketing fewer exclusive to get sales numbers up. Seriously?

Less games is good? Can you imagine someone saying that in earlier generations?

Great show, though every week I'm like oh, and this must be the Sony sucks part of the program.

I think Hipster Tor secretly blames Sony for somehow killing Dreamcast and he still hasn't recovered yet. You ain't a Sith. Let go of your hate! :D

tordavis2797d ago

You mean Hipster Tor that's owned every Playstation product ever made? Oo

WAIT! I'm not a hipster!!!!

JoySticksFTW2797d ago

I'm a start calling you Hipstor.

Hey Hipstor! How come your crew minus Weapon can't enjoy all the systems you own?

Oops, used to own... Didn't you say you got rid of your PS3?

Hmmm... Suspect!

When are u true gamers on your show gonna rant that MS should stop spending so much money on advertising and timed crap, and secure more exclusives like they used to?

Man, what about spending some of that Sony-hate time, and rant that MS should hit up Mistwalker (or channel old
Rare) for more games for us instead of moving more focus towards Kinect?

C'mon Hipstor, true gamers? Your whole crew suspect!

Love the oldschool arcade talk though. Live right near Boston so I get the arcade references :D

tordavis2797d ago

I guess you haven't listened to our podcast lately and/or only focus on the negative Playstation facts and not the negative Xbox facts. Listen harder TRUE GAMER!

Also, I gave my PS3 to my mom because....I bought the new slim. So I'm a two PS3 2 Xbox home right now. Plus I have everything else and I'm getting a WiiU in the next month.

You suspect bro, not me. Oo

JoySticksFTW2796d ago

Bah, I'll get HHG to slap the diet juice/slim fast out of your hand if you don't stop lying to the masses.

You can't fool us. You should listen to your own podcasts.

You know you usually find no fault in Xbox and only trounce on PS. And I'm not talking mocking a few fanboys on both sides. I'm saying, start calling out MS like you do Sony every other episode. I bet you haven't badmouthed MS since Warzone was in single digits.

It's cool that 360 is you preference. But just because it's your favorite doesn't mean PS sucks.

I enjoy all my systems. You should try it instead of finding reasons to hate.

That's probably why you can't get into E3 this year. Sony pulled some strings and was like "Man, block these fools. Including HHG's bodyguard. He doesn't need security."

You got caught

tordavis2796d ago

Ok obviously you are just trolling. I did a rant on everything bad MS and Sony did this gen. You must have not heard that as you are really not a fan. No point in continuing a discussion with you when you just lie for no reason at all.

JoySticksFTW2796d ago

How did I know you got rid of your ps3 and couldn't get into the E3 if I wasn't a fan? How did I know about you talking about video games in the old days (which I appreciate because I'm an Atari 2600 / C64 gamer that grew up in arcades myself)?

Just because I don't agree with your full 3-4hr podcasts I'm not a listener?

All right, man.

You choose one podcast episode out of many that you finally have some kind of short criticism towards MS. And choose to ignore all of the other podcasts hating on PS.

Don't make me bring up that bogus video game award show either.

When people on this site ripped you and HHG, I was one that jumped to your defense. But yeah, let the criticism now hurt your feelings. Don't learn from it or anything.

Comments weren't directed at you guys, Romudeth.

And @ Jac5al.

The Warzone is definitely entertaining. But some things could be better. They claim to love all systems, then show equal love.

And if they love one more, that doesn't mean they need to down the other. Both MS and Sony have made their missteps, but you have to admit that you normally only hear "that's why Sony's so stupid" on the podcast when it's time to criticize.

Gamers want to hear about cool games, and cool tech no matter the system. Not constant griping towards one system.

tordavis2796d ago

Seriously dude, we dont bash PS3 like you say we do. You don't really listen in because if you did, you would know this. There's no scale for balance and there doesn't need to be. We go with the flow of the current situation in gaming. I'm not going to change anything I do because you have a misconception about my show. I don't know what else to tell you mystery man. I even told you in my last post that I bought a new PS3 and you are still here saying I sold it. It's hilarious! If you are a fan, thanks for being one, but you still have the wrong ideas about everything we do. In parting I say this...You mad?

JoySticksFTW2796d ago


I thought you were done. Yeah Hipstor, I'll be mad while you QQ all over your PS3 for wronging you.

Don't get shocked, mang. Tears and electronics don't mix :D

Enough teasing though. That's what you put out there, so don't be mad at any "misconceptions".

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2798d ago
Romudeth2796d ago

Hey Joysticks, you obviously don't listen to The Throwdown Podcast on STFUandPLAY. We give the PS3 love ALL the time. Also did you miss the PS2 podcast where we gave even more love to Sony and pretty much crapped on the original Xbox and Gamecube?

Don't lump me and Rikuson1 one in with the old BitBag crew. Neither of us own a 360 and don't plan on buying it or the new MS box anytime soon. Not everyone at STFUandPLAY is an Xbox fan.

Jac5al2796d ago

Best video game podcast on the net. Pure entertainment.