New Sony Blu-ray players: Better than PS3?

Crave writes: Sony has announced two new Blu-ray players scheduled to be released in the second half of the year: the entry-level BDP-S350 and the step-up BDP-S550. We haven't been the biggest fans of Sony's recent standalone Blu-ray players (the BDP-S300 was really slow and the same price as the PlayStation 3).

While the BDP-S350 is interesting for its relatively low price point, it's still going to be hampered by the fact that it costs the same as the PlayStation 3--which offers almost all the same functionality (except bitstream audio output for high-resolution soundtracks), plus you get a high-definition game console and a media streamer.

We're betting that the PS3 eventually gets onboard DTS-HD Master Audio decoding--which will make BDP-S550 less attractive--but for right now it looks like a solid option for audiophiles, especially those who plan to use the 7.1 analog outputs.

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Caliber3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Hasn't this already been covered?
In fact, it's reached 450 degrees and is on the top 3 news at the PS3 page...
Adding the link to alternative sources would've made more sense.

Vip3r3886d ago

I did report it as a dup but because this one features more details about it, it somehow needed to be approved.

Cyrus3653886d ago

It was reported, however the stories are not dupes, 1) The first story is about Sony's new Blu-Ray players, in form of an announcement, this goes into more detail, and 2) Compares the two, telling you what are difference, advantages, etc.

heyheyhey3886d ago

why does every story get repeated nowadays?

don't people EVER notice those duplicate story reports anymore?

eagle213886d ago

But the PS3 is way more fun, if you game.

Farsendor13886d ago

just like ps2 for a while ps2 was best dvd player a year half people where making dvd recorders and other stuff so its just normal for ps3 blu ray drive to get outdated

but at least sony can keep it up to date with firmware updates

Blink3886d ago

Sony better make the ps3 as good...if not better than their players. Show some respect for the gamers that basically forced HD DVD in to retirement and pushed the Blu ray campaign to the finish line....Geez

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The story is too old to be commented.