Exclusive Playstation Home Screens

Fragcast is proud to present 9 exclusive new pictures of Playstation Home – all of which are from the new 'advanced version' of the game. Check out these incredible images.

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P4KY B3886d ago

All it needs is guns, lots of GUNS.

marinelife93886d ago

Home's graphics look better than a lot of games.

I can't wait to live there.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3886d ago

You don't live in Home you just connect, communicate, and share with other users and companies. I think the whole "Home" idea is because that will be thee place to go to when you're not playing games.

BIGELLOW3886d ago

...he's probably referring to the fact that you can have a virtual apartment that you can decorate how you want to, and can invite people to that virtual apartment... I think he meant THAT kind of living. Not actually physically moving his home address into Home and then never playing any games and just wandering around finding bubble machines to dance next to.

Iamback3886d ago

Is it just me or graphics have been updated

TheExecutive3886d ago

It truly looks better overall its a lot better

gambare3886d ago

updated graphics indeed, now it looks amazing.

rawg3886d ago

The screenshots really show off the lighting effects. I can't wait for the public beta.

Cop_Boy3886d ago

the graphics put alot of games to shame . Just shows wat can be achieved wen u work hard !!! damit

Equinoxe_73886d ago

I think I bought my Playstation 3 too early, SIGH...

DrWan3886d ago

I think i was born too late...

oh wait, i can get all the old games on Wii Virtual Console for a rediculous price...

just for fun ;p have a nice day buddy

BigBoy20003886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

That comment made absolutely no sense and had no relevance... good job!

On that note, I think Home is looking great. I can't wait to get moving forward with it. Hopefully that's sooner rather than later.

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The story is too old to be commented.