RPGSite - The Upcoming RPGs of 2013

Zack runs down a list of the games that we at RPG Site are looking forward to playing in this new year. Each game includes a summary and a few notes on why you want to check out the game. Whatever is not on the list will be posted on a separate article.

doogiebear4140d ago

Needs more Persona 5. People been waiting forever for that. Also, SMT 4 is coming to 3ds, but a PSN and PC port would be welcome in the west since consoles/pc are more popular here as opposed to Japan.

IAmLee4140d ago

Hoping FF X HD will be released this year. I could happily clock up 100's of hours playing that..
Or failing that, i'll just buy a 3DS for Pokemon :')

Canary4140d ago

I don't think Persona 5 will come out in 2013, and I don't think SMT4 is going to come out in 2013 anywhere but Japan.

If we're very, very lucky, we might get Dragon Quest VII and Bravely Default this year.

Beyond that, I think the big RPGs are Breath of Fire (3DS) and Tales of Xillia (PS3).

Though I believe the new Divinity game is coming out this year, too, which has to potential to be the best PC RPG since the first Witcher game.

doogiebear4140d ago

WHOA...Breath of Fire 3ds?!!! I love BoF3! One of the best JRpg's ever.

GusBricker4140d ago

MS really needs to make a Lost Odyssey II.

pandaboy4140d ago

Wasteland 2 :) The only video game I intend to play that isn't GTA5 or MGS5.

izumo_lee4140d ago

Whoa! The god of game music Nobuo Uematsu is doing the music for Neptune V!!! I did not know that & i am a fan of the series!

Tales of Xillia, Time & Eternity, Neptune V, God and the Fate Revolution Paradox, Toki to Towa, Witch & 100 Knights, Ni no Kuni, Atelier Ayesha, the PS3 is getting some JRPG love with some high quality titles.

Dragon's Crown, Soul Sacrifice, PSO2, & Sacred. The Vita is also getting some JRPG/WRPG love too.

Kte4140d ago


pecorre4140d ago

Did I miss something? Dragon Age 3 is a 2014 game, not 2013...

AP4140d ago

DA3 was rumoured to be put back, but EA haven't confirmed anything yet - they explain in the comments on the site.

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Snookies1251d ago

Lol, damn... At this point, they were better off keeping FF XIV away from Xbox. It has been nothing but obstacle, after obstacle.

gold_drake51d ago

wanted to say the exact same thjng.

VenomUK51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

What happens if you say things that used to get you banned on Twitter e.g. 'a man can't be a woman'?

RedDevils50d ago

*insert gift*
"Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina."

50d ago
DivineHand12551d ago

I'm not convinced this is the profanity filter. It doesn't make sense to censor words like class, harvest and dance. It seems to be a bug.

51d ago
TheGamingHounds50d ago

Well, FF14 itself has some pretty awful chat censoring so Xbox being in the same boat isn't too farfetched

Eidolon50d ago

it censored the S T D in "harvest dance" and I bet the A S S in class. I know this because of Runescape

Aphrodia51d ago

Yeah these new fangled filters are going a bit too far. I have a game that filters "wtf". It's a censor for a self-censoring phrase. But I think overall it's how it should be. If you don't want certain language being used in your game by your player base, then it's up to you to filter/ censor the language you don't want. I can respect that. What I can't respect is when you say things that are not really offensive then you get ostracized for it.