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"Did anyone ever watch Robotech? I’m going to assume yes as it is not only quintessential Anime viewing for Otaku, but it is also essential viewing for anyone that has ever lived in this lifetime. How many of you wanted to be a variatech pilot? I’m guessing everyone ever. One minute you’re this kick-ass jet and then the next you’re a giant robot shooting up the place. Strike Suit Zero, I believe, is rather analogous to the Robotech franchise in that it’s set in space, features a transforming robot jet-fighter and has a multitude of space battles. But does that make this game fun? Read on to see my thoughts on the game." - Benjamin Webb, Capsule Computers

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LinkageAX2925d ago

I've had my eye on this one for a while. Looks like an honest review and it sounds like my kind of game. Definitely picking this up.

camel_toad2925d ago

Any idea of it'll be on Steam?

LinkageAX2925d ago

23rd/24th depending on where you live.

militissanctus2925d ago

I've heard good things about Strike Suit Zero. Definitely have to check it out.

Laike2925d ago

Been watching this project since its Kickstarter project. Looking good!

masterabbott2925d ago

I want to try this out as im a fan of this kind of genre!

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