2008: The Year of the Beat-'Em-Up

With each passing year since the release of Street Fighter II, the fighting fan has become a more and more endangered species. Capcom's seminal fighter perfectly nailed the balance of accessibility and depth, which is why so many casual gamers – who may have enjoyed the quick ruck here and there at a friend's place during their youth – hold it in just as fond regard as the hardcore collective that still play it religiously to this very day. But with the explosion of copycat titles that followed and even Capcom itself pushing its luck with countless variant editions, the gaming world would soon forget the way of the fist.

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kewlkat0073888d ago

I'm still waiting...I thought Alpha was coming to PS3?

MK_Red3888d ago

So many great fighters for 2008 but without MK, it wouldn't be perfect for me.

omoshiroi3888d ago

American fighting games look, and play crap, and should not be even mentioned in the same room as KOF or SF etc. That is why they did not.

shadowghost7523888d ago

A very biased opinion on fighters even thought the author is right in saying that 2008 may well be the year of the beat 'em up he obviously prefers 2d fighters and there is little or no refernece to 3d fighters (i.e. Tekken)

Therefore the article is unreliable