Resistance 2 like you've never seen it before

TVGB: "Here's a little bit of delicious eye candy for all you Resistance fans - Resistance 2 screenshots in extreme size. And by extreme size I mean extreme size - ~5,000px times ~3,000px. We also have them available in 10,000px x 5,000px, but…you know…that would be ridiculous."

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Regret3944d ago

"Brace yourself though, these images reveal that the game doesn’t look quite as good as previously thought. The images we’ve seen so far are obviously smaller versions of the same shots, and when resizing images this huge, the visual flaws tend to get hidden up pretty well."

Whoever wrote this, is complete idiot. And yeah, those high-res images are available since release like month ago.

Kain813943d ago

this resolution (5000px-2883px)

DeadlyFire3943d ago

Anything at this size will look like crap. Its like pressing your head against the screen and seeing the small edges and stuff and backing away and seeing the whole image with more clearity.

3943d ago
Regret3943d ago

Thing is, it's zoomed 7x (i don't actaully think it's zoomed, that's size on devs are really working) and it doesn't look bad at all.

Frances-the-Mute3943d ago

ewww gross lol.......but they still have plenty of time to fix it up

Anego Montoya FTMFW3943d ago

That in MOTION, count me in.

they still have until NOVEMBER, to make it look even BETTER.

sonarus3943d ago

hahaha WOW. I am almost speechless. So this is what the ps3 haters will resort to. I didnt know you had to blow screenshots up to decide if they look good or not

incogneato3943d ago

Agreed. This game is going to look incredible. Seeing these high-res images proves that everything there is in-game. If you think about those huge bosses, all that grass, and more, you can tell this game is a huge technical achievement.

And thinking about how much time left they have to refine Resistance 2... This just made me even more excited.

Maddens Raiders3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

just start "blogging" about video games yesterday? What I mean is, I can't believe that they would doubt Insomniac and say that a game in pre-alpha looks horrible. This is not even funny, it's just plain ignorant.

Proxy3943d ago

You know, just this morning I was wondering:

"I wonder what Resistance 2 would look like, if I had a 120-inch 4096p television and was sitting 14 inches from the screen?"

Now I know! :D

ianp6223943d ago

First of all, these pictures aren't resized: they were captured at this size in the game engine. It's not that hard to do, since it doesn't matter how long it takes to render the image to get a still picture.

Second, the reason it doesn't look as good is because the game will not waste time drawing high detail things in the background, because at a normal resolution, you won't see them. For example, the textures on the close-up Chimera are higher resolution than the ones farther away. Normally you wouldn't see this, but since the image is taken with higher resolution, these "shortcuts" show through.

Finally, the depth of field blur is more apparent when the foreground is in sharp focus and the background is fuzzy. Again, this won't be as noticeable at lower resolutions.

Also, notice the shadows have a strange appearance. This is also something that will most likely look like a blur at the final resolution.

malingenie3943d ago

Look at Halo in high res picture. Looks like crap too, dont it?

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bOOmStiCK3944d ago

I'm sure that what it lacks in visual superiority it will balance with superb multiplayer and coop game modes. It's still going to look much better than the first resistance since they threw the color filter overboard to get richer environments and lighting and the obvious growing experience with the PS3 hardware.

pharmd3944d ago

agreed but i dont think it lacks in anything, the pics are at a huge resolution, so on a 1080p tv they'll still look phenom, and im as stoked about this game as anyone else but lets stop beating a dead horse with these same pics over n over, it only opens it up for criticism


Marceles3944d ago

The screens look like if I pressed my face against a 52" TV, it looks way better backed up at normal 1080 res

Meus Renaissance3944d ago

If anyone thinks the actual game will look like that - you're desperate to hate something up about something. Eat and apple and read a book is what I recommend

Adamalicious3944d ago

I agree - those screen are probably pre-alpha.

Regret3944d ago

I hate "pre-alpha" comments. Images are HUGE! In 1080 they'll look extremly good. Just zoom-out god damm-it.

moujahed3944d ago

What was the point of that?? I honestly don't get it, especially when the game is no where near complete.

nicholascage243943d ago

7x the original size.

The screen that you see in the unzoomed state is the original image.

see 720P WOWWWWW images here


********Those are 7x the ORIGINAL SIZE. any game would look bad if zoomed by 700%

D3acon3943d ago

The game still looked fantastic, so what was the point. There are obvious points like, the game is not finished, plus how close are you going to be sitting( two inches from the screen).

This article is just a waste of space and there's nothing supporting this comparison. What I saw was was less jaggies and more detail, hopefully the game will not be in 1080p(like the pictures may indicate)but will be at 720p with 60fps. 60fps would definately make this game pure gold.

The Fungus3944d ago

"Brace yourself though, these images reveal that the game doesn’t look quite as good as previously thought. The images we’ve seen so far are obviously smaller versions of the same shots, and when resizing images this huge, the visual flaws tend to get hidden up pretty well."

I'm sure if you zoom in about 7x on any game it starts to look a little worse.

I'm running my computer on a 37" monitor at 1920x1080 and I viewed the screens full screen to see what it would be like to play the game(basically scaled them down to 'actual size')-AMAZING!

It's pretty easy, so you should try it if you are running your computer on a TV. If nothing else set it as your desktop background(make sure its set to fit to desktop, not actual size)

The fact that you can zoom in 7x and have it still look as good as some games out there says VOLUMES.