Resistance 2: Get your concept art here

They're not pretty screenshots like these, but Sony's new Resistance 2 renders and concept art is enough to get us pumped for the sequel - which looks ridiculously pretty by anyone's standards.

Though it was one of the best games in the PS3 launch line-up, Insomniac has thankfully listened to feedback from the original game, and focused on improving the enemy AI, checkpoints and health system for the sequel.

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decapitator3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Resisting Resistance, is futile. Join the 60 /8 co-op movement this November for total domination.

Now, Insomniac, all that's left for you to do is to release a video and we are all set.

XBOX 3603888d ago


This shot looks completely epic. I hope they do something like that where giant machines and Chimera are coming down on you in an aircraft hanger, etc.


Gaara_7243888d ago

y coz resistance 1 had 40 resistance 2 will have 60 so maybe number 3 might have 80?

The Fungus3888d ago

It'd sound more impressive to imagine a 90 player max on R3

So yeah, we'll go with 50% more players every time.

Bazookajoe_833888d ago

To bad it´s not until november =(

Frances-the-Mute3888d ago

I think this will be the only shooter I'll be playing for 08-09

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