Tales producer: Japan going 'back to roots,' avoiding 'westernization' of games

Japanese games are slowly making a resurgence. Games like Dark Souls and Persona 4 have recaptured our attention, after many developers struggled to make hits that resonated with the American audience.

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bicfitness3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

What is irritating about this, is that anyone who is a JRPG or Japanophile to any extent, becried that the Westernization of Japanese games would only harm these products. Lo and behold after an entire generation and billions of wasted development dollars and monstrosities like RE: 6, everyone is going 'back to their roots.'

Good. Its like ordering sushi and being given a hamburger instead. Both decent meals, but one isn't what I asked for.

MikeMyers3660d ago

Why not just make games you enjoy making without worrying so much about the differences in western and eastern culture? Games like Mario and Zelda have worldwide appeal, do we really need to make games solely for Japanese gamers or solely for western gamers if they sell the systems worldwide? I liked Valkyria Chronicles and i also like Skyrim and Mass Effect. I don't see them as one being for U.S. gamers and the other for Japanese gamers. Gaming is a universal hobby, like music and movies. As long as the translation is fine I'm good to go.

Bimkoblerutso3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Bubble voted you, there.

Personally I love a good, Japanese-flavored game, but the really good ones, such as Persona 4, succeed IN SPITE of their cultural influences. Still a very Japanese game, yes, but it doesn't succeed BECAUSE it is Japanese.

But then you also get ridiculously Japanese games like Mugen Souls that appeal to a VERY small group of individuals outside of Japan because they're just a collection of safe, profitable cliches and tropes, so it's really no different than Western developers thinking all westerners want to blow stuff up in a first person perspective.

Maybe I'm just being cynical, but I just took this dev's comment to mean that they're going to swap out one set of tropes for another.

gaffyh3659d ago

As a fan of JRPGs, all I can say to this news is this...THANK GOD, because westernization or what Japanese developers seem to think is westernization, has ruined JRPGs.

Merrill3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Do not expect Square Enix to follow suit.

ScubbaSteve3660d ago

Maybe if we give them 8 more years they'll figure out 90% of their audience doesn't care about English voice overs and would import their games if the Japanese release had a simple translation and were made region-free.

Snookies123659d ago

I... Kind of liked Graces voice overs... I mean sure, quite a few are much better with their native languages. Yet this does not stand true for ALL games/movies/shows/etc., from Japan.

MaxXAttaxX3659d ago

I think it should be an option.

ScubbaSteve3659d ago


Having both is certainly the best option, but if they're going to take 4 years to localize a game, which seems to be what's happening, I'd much rather just have them sub it and make it region free.

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EverydayGuy3660d ago

What happen if you got a hamburger in shape of a sushi?

No FanS Land3660d ago

This is mostly what actually happened.

adorie3660d ago

Hamburgers in Japan taste really good. Especially with domestic Kirin. ^_^ Gotta love that Kobe beef.

TheTwelve3660d ago

Japan has always been enamored with American culture/media. Microsoft and their $$$ convinced many Japanese software companies to entertain the idea of a Westernization of their games. The 360 is an American console, America is the best country in the world...blablabla.

So we have the story of this gen, where Japan, with a few exceptions, spit out crap after crap software.

Time has passed. 360 never made it big in America. Japanese companies found themselves in contrast to their own country. And really, Japanese companies aren't very good at pretending to be American. In effect, they made games that the Japanese didn't like because they appeared to be selling out, and Americans reviewers laughed at Japanese attempts to mimic their culture. And getting Microsoft $$$ to turn traditionally Sony games 360 exclusive never paid off in the long run.

Having learned their lesson, and getting hit with that devastating earthquake along with a bad economy, Japanese companies HAVE to get back to where they came from to survive.

So, next gen...expect good Japanese games again! Expect good JRPGs again! I'm looking forward to it!


Oh_Yeah3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

What? I didn't notice Japanese games were trying to Westernize they seemed like they were still the same to me with their turn based combat and cartoony looks the only ones that resembled a western game was demon souls ad dark souls...which they posted high review scores and raked in good sales.

TheTwelve3659d ago

*360 never made it big in Japan

AznGaara3660d ago

Despite all this though some of my favorite games of this gen are from Japanese Devs. Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3 & 4, every game from P*, Catherine and Gravity Rush. Maybe because those are very Japanese and aren't necessarily westernized.

Anyways I never agreed with making a game cater to a certain culture. That what makes gaming so great, different Devs from different culture bring all at to their games. What the point if everything game is the same?

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3660d ago
izumo_lee3660d ago

Well it's about time i would have to say!! Remember what made you guys so successful in the past.

Japan is great at making 'Japanese' games. We do not need Japan to make 'Western' games.

Optical_Matrix3660d ago

The fact that Ni no Kuni, a shout out to the 16-Bit RPG's of yore is getting raving reviews and is topping the charts of several of online retailers, including over 4 of Amazon's sites is telling.

People bought your games in droves before Japan. That's what they want. Sure, you could do with a lesson in how to make a top notch online experience as well as some lessons as to what Anti Aliasing is, but you still make phenomenal games, despite what the haters say. Never change.

MaxXAttaxX3659d ago

I was thinking 32-bit, but yeah I agree.

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