Activision Announces Batteries for Guitar Hero III

Activision has announced the batteries for the Guitars for Guitar Hero III. The Batteries are for the Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 guitars they will cost about 14.99 each and they will be charge by USB. They will hit stores on February 29.

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Silellak3889d ago

Do these new batteries make the guitar actually respond when I press the damn buttons?

Also, you know what would've been cool? If these had been out about four months ago.

GCO Gamer3889d ago

i don't thing it will but that would be nice

korn374113889d ago

February 29th? I picked one of these packs up at gamestop a month ago.

I Call 9MM3889d ago

Yeah, I picked up one of these at futureshop at least a month and a half, maybe two months ago. And I know they have been available since launch at the website for red octane (cost too much there though, and shipping kills). Seems odd they are only "launching" these now when they have been available for months. Anyways, all it is is a battery shaped like two double AAs that fits into the slot. You can't charge it while playing, the battery must go in a special charger. For what they cost, I would just buy some double AAs since the GHIII controller doesn't really eat much batteries, unless you really play a lot of GH.