Bungie hopes to knock COD4 off top spot

Halo 3 hasn't been top of the pops on Major Nelson's Xbox Live activity charts for a little while now, but Bungie plans to fight back.

"We have a lot of awesome new content coming up. We're not walking away from Halo 3," Bungie's community lead Brian Jarrard told Eurogamer last week at GDC.

"We have a group of people at the studio that are just focused on keeping the game going strong for the foreseeable future, so I think we'll continue to evolve and I expect there to be a back-and-forth [between us and COD4] for a while."

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Amagai Shuusuke3890d ago

As much as I think Halo 3 will gain
the top spot again down the road. For
right now, COD4 offers a lot more depth
and tactical prowess for players. If
Bungie wants the top spot again, they're
gonna have to make future content free,
just to get me interested again.

Richdad3890d ago

Since there was no competition and Bungie was like getting overconfident but now they have seen that they have to go for changes in there technique to get agian to top spot.
I know they will certainly do it again. The upcoming map pack has better graphics than older ones.

TheSadTruth3890d ago

Add a fuc*ing custom games browser and people will come flocking back. Bungie is so stupid, they think releasing 2 low quality maps every 6 months for $10 bucks is going to make people care. Fix the bugs and make it so we can play customs with other people when are friends aren't online.

Nevers3890d ago

... it was too much for what we got. And then we still don't have a full integration of users yet. Slayer on Forge is broke (lagged) and has been since day one. Tactical games seem to always come up and everyone seems too stupid to know how to defend a flag. I agree the theatre is AMAZING (take note devs this should be in every game now) and the team based tactics are superior (or rather more intuitive for the win) in Halo3 but the TrueSkill crap is just that ... CRAP!!! I do incredible, my team sux and we loose, I gain nothing... I do horrible but my team wins yet unfortunately we were selected to face a lesser opponent so we gain 1 ex pt and no "up" in rank. Yet if I do absolutely wretched but my team keeps winning against people they shouldn't my skill goes up... come on... "true skill" ... I call BS!! Braggin' rights are cool but they aren't gonna hold the attention of an average gamer. That's why people are dwindling away from Halo3. There is no reward for continuing to play... Bungie somehow thinks dangling that butt-ugly Recon Armor in front of us is gonna keep us coming back... don't think so, guys. Neither is achievement grinding. CoD4 rewards every last kill. If you're in a crappy lobby (too many idiots to mute)you can leave without penalty and retain something from the kills you had. The RPG'ish aspect of unlocking Perks and Weapons... friggin' brilliant. That is why all my friends who used to play H3 every night have totally switched. I played both game's betas and I told my friends this was gonna happen but they didn't listen. The only downside of CoD4 MP for me is connection and host migration and Infinity Ward's takin' care o' those next patch plus a few more awesome additions. I bought Halo3 opening night in Redmond and met lots o' Bungie peeps ... good guys... but Bungie's gonna have to work really, really hard to get more $$$ outta me for H3.

LJWooly3890d ago

COD4 is the better game IMO, but Halo always seems to pull in players. I'm not sure why it has such mass appeal, but whatever.

Ureval3890d ago

I think Halo 3 is a great game, without a doubt. Numbers dont lie. That being said I havent touched it since COD4 came out. The fact is that most people who have migrated to COD4 have been playing the Halo frnachise since Halo 1 and wanted something new.

I would venture to guess that many of those currently playing Halo 3 are those who jumped on with Halo 2 and who still havent gotten the Halo "bug" out completely. But obviously hardcore gamers, those who have been playing Halo from day one, are a big chunk of the audience and COD4 is enough like Halo to offer the same fast paced action but with a whole new set of toys to play with.

My guess, new maps will give Halo 3 some more life, but with new games coming out that may nip away at it, and with COD4's new patch and future maps coming out, I think its popularity will dwindle over the next year.

And Im fairly certain Gears will hurt it REAL bad.

GameOver3890d ago

It's too late. I've already sold my copy of Halo 3. Halo 3 is more of the same. With children at the helm.

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Douchebaggery3890d ago

it feel like I've been playing the same game since 2004.

The Closing3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

and it was no good to begin with.

BenzMoney3890d ago

Here comes the Sony fanboy parade. Just a quick glance at 95% of the posters so far on this page and its blatantly obvious.

Why do you idiots feel the need to troll Halo news all the time? Every story about Halo has 80% of its comments hijacked by jealous Sony fans.

You know it *IS* possible to own a Playstation and not be an @$$, right? I know, I have friends who do it every day. You should try it sometime.

pharmd3890d ago

you do know its also possible to own both consoles and still have an opinion, its also possible to have a 360 and not like halo!!

The Closing3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I don't like halo I all the sudden don't like xbox? Makes sense since it's the only game its got. They should like totally just rename it the halobox brah. *END sarcasm*

BenzMoney3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Yes, I do know that. In fact, that was my point. You can own either console, or both, or all, and not be an @$$. Try telling that to the guys above my post though. Go ahead, take a glance through their post histories and tell me that they're not 360-hating trolls.

I don't personally own all consoles, but I know several people who do. Why so many people on this site act so radical and pathetic is beyond me.

rogimusprime3890d ago

as the first lame is that?!
Escape on your warthog while everything blows up, but we wont make it as fun as the first time...and we'll kill characters before their character arc says its time.

oh yeah, we'll also charge you 10$ for maps and reward those bought them by reducing their appearance in the rotation. Suckers...

Oh yeah you can make your own maps too, but you can't search peoples custom games. We wouldn't want you taking advantage of the whole internet gaming user created content thing.


your friends at bungie

BeaArthur3890d ago

Wow BenzMoney really likes Halo 3. But if Halo 3 was so great would you have to defend it so vigorously? I like Halo 3 but just because other people do not does not mean they are a Sony fan; get over yourself.

witchking3890d ago

I've played Halo 3 once since COD4 came out. I'm practically on the verge of selling Halo 3 on eBay. I just don't ever see myself pulling that disc out when it sits next to COD4 on the shelf. The only thing that keeps me from doing it is the fear that my 360 will eat COD4 one night and I'll have to stick Halo 3 in just for something to play. It's basically still in my collection as an emergency backup.

borgome3890d ago

I guarantee the reason you don't play Halo 3 is because you suck garbage at it. Halo 3 takes alot more skill to play at higher levels. It is very easy to kill people in COD4 at any level and any game type. I own both and play them equally.

LJWooly3890d ago

I thought Halo 1 & 2 were awesome, but yeah Halo 3 was more of the same. still okay though.

And yeah, most of the guys who replied to this probably haven't played the game, or given it a chance.

poopface13890d ago

cause Ive had them all and all multiplayer has improved in each whit halo3 the most ballanced. Halo 1 had no online and was all about three shot pistol kills. Halo 2 was off because it was all dual wielding or bRs if you were lucky enough to get one. Recently I played halo 2, even upscaled, on my tv and it still looked like massive crap next to halo 3.

wow143890d ago


You're dead 100% correct. The site is overrun, without any question.

The site needs to promote more moderators to kill this traffic.

lalilulelo3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

halo is garbage

HeroOfCows3890d ago

I must be different that way, I only played the first two Halos after getting my 360 so I would know what's going on, and I prefer it over CoD4. It's just not my cup of tea.

tgh machines3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I disagree, skill is hand eye coordination and reflexes. COD4 is much faster paced then Halo 3 and reflexes play a much bigger role. In halo is is so easy to get a head shot. Another example is in halo 3 that 2 semi-noobs can kill a good person. This is not the case for COD4, 1 good person can easily down 2 not so great people in a few seconds.

wageslave3890d ago


yes, that is the 'twitchy' part - not everyone enjoy that. Some prefer varied gameplay, more co-op based feeling.

twitchy-fast != good (imho).

Richdad3888d ago

First understand that, Halo 3 is a very good game on its own and easily beats game like Lost planet (360), COD 3 and FEAR right on spot but its not as good as it was thought to be.
Espaecailly some user complain abt controls but those who had been with Halo might be knowing that Meele and grenades are very important in Halo 3. Those who are new might have been trying to shoot there way out but you have to learn abt meele and grenade to get through Halo and this goes very imprtant in Multiplayer.
But I must also add Halo 3 MP is really very good but COD4 deafeats it due to its own merits and may be the graphics. But other than COD4 which is phenomenal tell me any other game that has done that.

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Truplaya3890d ago

I didnt play Halo 3 from the day COD4 came out. It didnt touch my 360 for weeks then got traded in. It was a dissappointment and wasnt the next-gen game it was hyped up to be. COD4 was

BeaArthur3890d ago

I don't see anyway Halo 3 can top COD 4. I mean Halo 3 isn't as good as Halo 2. The maps are better and the new weapons and equipment are cool but the game play itself isn't nearly as smooth. When I play it I sometimes feel like I am fighting with the controls and the controls don't respond the way they should. Unless Bungie is releasing free content and releases a patch to fix the game play then they are dreaming.

BenzMoney3890d ago

COD4 got played for 2 weeks, then Halo 3 was back in the tray.

@3.2: Bungie already did release a patch. You'd know that if you actually played Halo. Judging by your post history, you don't. You're just another Halo hating troll.

BeaArthur3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Actually I have played Halo 3 I bought it the day it came out and played it pretty frequently from then until COD 4 came at which point I stopped...because COD is a better game. And if I don't know about the patch that would be because I haven't played it in awhile; probably because once again COD 4 is better. I like the way you think anyone who doesn't like Halo 3 as much as COD 4 is a hater though. You were probably the guy waiting in line at midnight for the release with your Halo 3 strategy guide and all the stupid memorabilia already purchased. And what post history do I have other than this one on the topic of Halo 3?

DarkSniper3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Once Halo 3 got dethroned, it stays dethroned. Even the several millions of the incompetent Microslaves have at least the smallest amount of intelligence and taste to know that Call of Duty 4 is the pinncale of online shooters as of today. Microslaves are doing the best they can to enjoy the inferior version of Call of Duty on their Red Light 360 platform. The reason why Dark Sniper says it's inferior is due to 360's garbage controller design and poor hardware manufacturing. You cant play Call of Duty if your console doesnt work right?

The reason why Halo 3 has fallen off the holy grail of shooters is simply because the game was overhyped, overrated and only praised by those who have sold their souls to the Microsoft Corporation. Bungie and Microsoft collaborated together in bringing an amazing Halo 3 trailer which was believed to be in game graphics where Master Chief held up his bubble shield. Final result was nothing more than a below high definition display of pure and utter crap. Microsoft once again lied to the minions who blindly follow their console.

So here's hopes that Halo 3 stays at the bottom end of the drain where it belongs. Dark Sniper doesnt give two you know what's what anyone else thinks.



This is a prime example of why your bubble count is deminishing.

"the inferior version of Call of Duty on their Red Light 360 platform"
multi platform games are better on those "red light consoles".FACT!

And FYI SONY lies just as much if not more bud. Remember a year or two ago when that "in game" KZ2 footage was released?? turns out it wasn't "in game" crazy hey?

Bleucrunch3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I don't think that Bungie can do a thing about this, they lied to their mindless fans about this over hyped game and are suffering the consequences. And with Infinity ward releasing their updates and new maps. Bungie can't compete...sorry guys this is what happens when you lie cheat and steal.

SlappyMcTaint3890d ago

COD4 teabags MASTERbatory CHIEF in every way possible. Halo 3 will not regain it's top spot.