Bungie's Heart Warming Gift To A 9-Year-Old Undergoing Transplant

PGN - It's always heart warming when you hear stories like this. Going by the name of Fiscal_, the reddit user posted last week about a gruesome surgery that his son was about to undergo. What he didn't expect was that the very same team behind the Halo franchise would be giving his son a special gift to help him through.

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pgnuk3002d ago

Its always nice to hear something good around the world instead of all the bad things we have going on.

Nitrowolf23002d ago

This is pretty awesome, my respect for Bungie just keeps getting higher and higher. Such a nicely detailed helmet to. Hope all goes well for the family.

IAMERROR3002d ago

This story made me cry, I love it when people do this kind of stuff.

THC CELL3002d ago

That's good, nice to see some developers care.for people

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The story is too old to be commented.