Microsoft hired Andrew Kim as a brand designer of new Xbox Console

Famous designer Andrew Kim, who has worked with such companies as Coca Cola, Honda or HTC, revealed details about his new project. It would not be so interesting if it was not a collaboration with Microsoft, about branding and design of the new Xbox console. What will be the new Xbox´s look?

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theBAWSE2963d ago

I think the nexbox will be futuristic looking..seems ms are taking no chances in making this look sexy

black9112963d ago

Are Microsoft Doing some last minute changes after seeing the PS4.

Red_Orange_Juice2963d ago

yes, they're changing profit predictions


TheRealHeisenberg2963d ago

So MS is predicting larger profits for themselves after seeing the specs for the PS4?

omi25p2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Yeah they will copy Sony and make it look like a grill.

ThatGuy22963d ago

If they where who cares?If anything that's good for xbox gamers...

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Hellsvacancy2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

No surprise really, MS will spend MILLIONS just on looks, which could be spent on developing a launch title

Just look at how much more money MS spent on advertising etc this gen compared to Sony, then they end up tailing behind the PS3

I dont really care what the PS4 looks like, as long as its a beast inside

Daoshai2963d ago

Gotta say Microsoft did quite well this gen, it takes a lot of money to take a huge bite out of the market.

decrypt2963d ago

Well they will figure out a way to make console gamers pay up for the expenses lol. Perhaps a hike on XBL gold or game prices increase lol.

mr_kubrick2963d ago Show
2963d ago
IAMERROR2963d ago

1.Yes because MS always has a console launch without good titles #sarcasm Have you even been keeping up with the MS news? Of course not you're just here to hate. They're investing in TONS of games.

2.uhhh your point? They have the money to unlike Sony. And the only reason why Ps3 is ahead is because Japan likes to support products in their country. Xbox never had a fair shot there. Xbox has the BIGGEST gaming market on lock-down, but I forgot that Sony fanboys just conveniently focus on WW now lol!

3.Nope, you're going to buy it regardless. Because you're a Sony fanboy, if you really cared only about power you would be a PC gamer.

riverstars862963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

They took a lot of Sony's market share dude, this current generation was a huge win for Microsoft. They now have world wide brand recognition and this will benefit them greatly going into next generation. I look for next gen console sales to be a toss up between Microsoft and Sony, I honestly think Microsoft may be number one if the Kinect 2.0 impresses the lucrative casual market. Time will only tell.

DOMination-2963d ago

I keep saying it. I keep getting disagreed to death but..

Microsoft now have 21 first party studios. Sony have 12. Can't argue with the facts. Lets see in two years time whether they are still being knocked for having no games, spending money on advertising or the looks.

BitbyDeath2963d ago


Correction, Sony has 27.
13 First Parties and 14 Second Parties. (All exclusive)

*Second party means the dev is bound by contract to make games only for them as opposed to a complete buyout.

Ezz20132963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


1.yes MS had good games at launch but after 2008 ps3 beat them at that
ps3 exclusives keep get higher scores and keep win Awards ..what xbox have done since then ?! where are the new ip's ??!!

2."uhhh your point? They have the money to unlike Sony. And the only reason why Ps3 is ahead is because Japan likes to support products in their country. Xbox never had a fair shot there. Xbox has the BIGGEST gaming market on lock-down, but I forgot that Sony fanboys just conveniently focus on WW now lol! "

you want to look smart and fail at it
you say ps3 beat xbox because of japan ?! it fair to say
xbox when it had a lead it was only because USA ??!! or you gonna flip flop again ??!
and lol you think USA is more important than Worldwide ??!! hhahahhahahahahahahahahahaha
no wander why ps3 beat xbox while you guys keep scream "teh NPD salez"
and sony do have the money
you keep tell your self they don't
to be able to sleep the night with happy face

3."Nope, you're going to buy it regardless. Because you're a Sony fanboy, if you really cared only about power you would be a PC gamer."

again your comment is an Epic Fail
i'm pc owner as well but it's hard to not buy the next gen ps
with all the exclusives sony bring
(which you can't find any where)

xbox offer you what the same old 3 games

atleast sony have sequels AND new ip's

at last what funny is
the lowesr selling ps home console still outsold xbox360 ...that's say it all

now jump back on the "oh it doesn't matter" wagen

sony only closed 3 studios (who made nothing good for ps3 fans or sony )and sony bought 2 other studios
and those 12 studios are making games for this gen and next gen
that been said like 100 time

those 21 studio MS own how many of them are making games for xbox360 ?!!...why i only see another gears game coming this year??!! oh i forgot about the poker game

i know you will say
"oh they are making games for next gen"

but so does sony and i bet you will
(as always) bring more exclusives and new IP's than xbox next gen
those 12 studio sony own are knowen AAA studios
who make AAA games and some how you manage to ignore the 2nd party studios like QD etc.

while 90% of MS 21 studios are still unknowen
you don't know how many of them will work on kinect

sorry for the wall of text...

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UnholyLight2963d ago

Well obviously, I mean this world has become a very material one and anything that can sway someone from purchasing the competitorès product, they will do.

IMO it just shows just HOW FAR Microsoft is willing to go to create the best product for the consumer, go big or go home.

Just look at how much they made fun of the PS3 for being Ègrill likeÈ or whatever. Brand image is very important and Microsoft is trying to do what Mac did and create an immediately identifiable brand image that made Apple a worldwide known word. Thats exactly what they are trying to accomplish with the word Xbox as news would suggest.

I believe Sony should follow suit and do the same, because it really does impact the psychology of the consumer and how they purchase products in my opinion.

morkendo232962d ago

who cares what it look like bring on the games.

UnholyLight2962d ago

Never said I cared really. I am just saying that these days, a product that has a nice exterior AND performs on its interior is a product that people seem to gravitate towards.

Or functions such as a loading tray like the 360 vs a slot loader like the PS3 was (up till the super slim I guess)

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Chaostar2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Andrew Kim huh, is it the same Andrew Kim who did this by any chance?

Or this...

MS know great art when they see it huh?

Chaostar2963d ago

I see, what a confusing coincidence. Thanks for clearing it up :)

M1chl2963d ago

No problem, glad it helped : )

Gazondaily2963d ago

Thanks for the link. + Bub for helpful :-) Sorry I pressed disagree by mistake....stupid phone!

Y_51502962d ago

This is the best thing ever.

M1chl2962d ago

Septic: Thanks sir and don't worry about it : )

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Chaostar2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

If you're going to insult me at least use a meme that isnt so old it was probably posted on reddit by Shakespeare.

Also the guys have EXACTLY the same name, cut me some fricken slack.

TekoIie2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )


Look at you getting all picky about which memes people use XD

Also for the record your sitting at a device called a computer which has access to something also known as the INTERNET. You obviously looked up the creator of the art you posted... And if you read the article it had a link to Kim's website where you could SEE HIS WORK and find out that it was someone completely different.

And since I like the meme and despite it being "outdated" (I'm SOOO sorry for not being with the latest trends... SOOO SORRY) I shall post it again to get the message across that if you read the article you wouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

GalacticEmpire2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Fine chaos, comment revoked, this time.

THC CELL2963d ago

It's not about looks it's what's on the inside.

kma2k2963d ago

so many options of ways to play with that statement!

JohnnyRico3052963d ago

Regardless of the look... Microsoft will do well. Im getting both next gen consoles anyway. I just hope they both do well.Healthy competition is great for us gamers.

mr_kubrick2963d ago

Awwww that some quality journalism...just because he works at MS rite now doesnt mean he will be the LEAD Designer of the new Xbox. It could be a summer job too...but ppl on N4G believe everything these rumors days....

anthraxCZ2963d ago

he writes on his blog that he is currently working on xbox with microsoft

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