PSM3 reviews Lost Planet - Xbox shooter lukewarm on PS3

Lost Planet was released on Xbox 360 over a year ago, but it looks worse on PS3. The conversion process has blurred the game's textures - especially the once-subtle snow effects - and its frame rate stutters when larger enemies fill the screen. Capcom promise that both aliasing and slowdown are being addressed, but even if the conversion were perfect, PSM3 still wouldn't be huge fans of Lost Planet. It's a simple shoot-'em-up, remarkable only for a handful of epic boss battles and the flashy mech suits.

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Bazookajoe_833887d ago

I would give it about a 7 (360 version), i havent played ps3 version other than the online demo. From what i saw there both versions were pretty much the same, but that wasnt a side by side comparison.

xg-ei8ht3887d ago

Its still being finished. Wasn't a bad game by any means, but could have been better.

Salta_nelas3887d ago

The game was weak then and its still weak now.

N4M3L3553887d ago

They ignored PS3 owners for awhile and now we get this crappy game. Where's Dead Rising? They announced this game along with SF4 like Lost Planet was the hottest new franchise. Some of these companies, in my opinion, are out of touch with gamers.