Relic working on Dawn of War 2

Videogaming247 has learnt that Relic is now working on Dawn of War 2, a full sequel to 2004's much-loved Warhammer 40K-based RTS title.

The latest expansion for the original game, Soulstorm, is currently being worked on by Titan Quest developer Iron Lore, while Relic spends its time on the series's next gen update and "other very exciting stuff", according to a well-placed source.

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Skerj3983d ago

Welp, SC2 just got put on the backburner for me.

Douchebaggery3983d ago

After 3 expansion packs I think it's time for a brand new game.

Valin3983d ago

That Titans and Tyranids are added to the second game!

Skerj3983d ago

Nids are for sure, that was their reasoning for not adding them to Dawn of War. They said the current engine wouldn't do the Tyranids justice.

MK_Red3983d ago

AWESOME rumor. After StarCraft 2, this is THE RTS to look forward to.