First FF Versus XIII track: Somnus

Famitsu have revealed the official track list of Yoko Shimomura's album, Drammatica. We now have the name of the first Final Fantasy Versus XIII track, that comes as a bonus: Somnus.

Full track list:

1. Legend of Mana ~Title Theme~ (Legend of Mana)
2. Take the Offensive (Front Mission)
3. Destati (Kingdom Hearts)
4. Hometown (Legend of Mana)
5. ??????? ??????? (LiveA)
6. ~Opening Theme from HEROES of MANA~ (Heroes of Mana)
7. Twinkle Twinkle Holidays (Kingdom Hearts)
8. Tango Appassionata (Heroes of Mana)
9. Colored Earth (Legend of Mana)
10. Forgotten Wings (LiveA)
11. The 13th Anthology (Kingdom Hearts)
12. Manifold Irons (Front Mission)
13. Cities (Legend of Mana)
14. The Other Promise (Kingdom Hearts)
15. ~Ending Theme from HEROES of MANA~ (Heroes of Mana)
16. Somnus (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

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in the trailer for FF13 versus