Ubisoft to bid for game licences rather than major takeover - Guillemot

Ubisoft Entertainment may speed up its expansion plans as a result of the bid by Electronic Arts for Take Two Interactive Software but is targeting the purchase of new licences for games rather than a major takeover, Yves Guillemot, chairman of the French video games maker, told Les Echos.

'The desire of EA to buy Take Two pushes us to go faster, to accelerate internal growth but also to look at acquisition opportunities,' the business daily quoted him as saying.

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Lord_Ash3890d ago

Buying an IP without their developers is a risky thing, I mean look at Fallout 3 it's being developed by on of the best studios and still fans are on the fence about it, unless they already know what they want to do exactly with the IP, otherwise it might be a money wasting move.

But it's still better than taking over a whole company...

Genki3890d ago

get ripped apart at the seams.

I agree with the above, when IPs change hands it usually isn't a good thing. Taking someone else's baby and raising it doesn't work the same way as in the real world.

The vision is different, sometimes it gets lost, and we're talking different development paradigms and gameplay philosophies.