God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta To All

While our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta was originally a PlayStation Plus Exclusive up until now, we have decided to open it to all SCEA PSN users (North & South America) until we shut the Beta down this Monday night at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time).

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aceitman3163d ago

this is the code u need to put in F2TA - HMNB - 762G.

Nitrowolf23163d ago

Yes this code works for everyone

I_am_Batman3163d ago

Works just for US accounts. At least it didn't work on my austria acc.

3162d ago
Sci0n3163d ago

So it works for everyone? Lol my friend just gave me that code. I have PS+ so I gave it away on here

LOGICWINS3163d ago

Great beta in that it gives you a clear indicator of whether or not you'll enjoy the full game. From what I played of it, the beta will either make you want the game even more or disregard it all together. You'll either love it or hate it.

GribbleGrunger3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I think it's more likely the singleplayer demo (which is totally different from the one on the Total Recall disc) that will make or break this game for some.

NegativeCreep4273163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Even if the new multiplayer modes don't appeal to them, they will still realize the fact that GOW was built and was immortalized purely on it's epic single-player story campaign and gameplay.

For true GOW enthusiasts, it's a day-one purchase no matter what! And I'm one of them; March 12th is only 52 days away!!!

GribbleGrunger3163d ago

I think Logic was thinking more in terms of newcomers to the franchise. As was I.

LOGICWINS3163d ago

Yeah, I was referring to the newcomers as Gribble said. I'll def buy Ascension when it hits $30 since I'm only interested in the single player portion of the game. The multiplayer didn't click with me. I would have personally preferred if they used those resources to create an even bigger/better single player campaign.

GribbleGrunger3163d ago

'I would have personally preferred if they used those resources to create an even bigger/better single player campaign.'

I'll get back to you on whether I agree after I've played the game, but I DO have my concerns.

NegativeCreep4273163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

from what you and everyone else has seen so far of the SP campaign, how would you make it "bigger/better"?

How do you know it isn't as big and as bad as a GOW can be on the Playstation 3? The game isn't even out yet.


You beat me to it!

LOGICWINS3163d ago

Because everything can be improved upon. No game is perfect.

SilentNegotiator3162d ago

Nothing is perfect (unless it's on the not-ps3), right LogicWins?

pixelsword3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

@ Logic:

My mack-game is pretty much perfect...

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Nitrowolf23163d ago


GOW3 was pretty big and that was with 35GB of the disc.
Ascension looks like it really amped things up, and I doubt MP is taking much away from the SP

LOGICWINS3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

And despite that, GOW 3 had graphical issues. Visuals were uneven throughout the game. During some boss battles the game looked like CGI, yet other times objects in the game(breakable vases, boxes, and indoor environments) were low res.

Any prudent human being who has played through God of War 3 can attest to the fact that the visuals are inconsistent.

Not to mention the narrative was the worst in the franchise.

As I said before, no game is perfect.

From what I've seen of the single player, it looks great. What bothered me was Todd Pappy touting the games 10 hour length, is if that was a GOOD thing. GOW2 took me 16 hours on Titan Mode. I was hoping for Ascension to be at LEAST 15 hours long.

UnSelf3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

And god of war 3 on chaos (still don't kno why they didnt make this a trophy) took me 12 . For some I heard it took 15 - 20

grailly3162d ago

I don't get why people say that they'd take out multiplayer for a better quality singleplayer, but they would never sacrifice a few hours of gameplay for a better quality experience.

gamers should just stop talking arguing about the length of games, quality is way more important, that's what makes you go and play them again.

Riderz13373163d ago

The multi player is just an added bonus. The single player is where it's at. Have you seen the latest 30 second teaser? If that doesn't convince you then I don't know what will.

showtimefolks3163d ago


see the latest GOW single player trailer some of the bosses look sick. so when it comes to SP wise i think GOW is a safe bet and we know what to expect.

I haven't not played beta even though i have psn:plus but most people who have played it said they loved it. I will play it soon to make my own choice but even if i don't like MP its a day one for me since i can't wait 3-4 months for it to hit $30

also keep in mind sony exclusives like Nintendo don't get many price drops early on.

LOGICWINS3163d ago

Most people that played the beta loved it? How did you come to that conclusion.

showtimefolks3163d ago

sorry i should have added most people who i know that played the beta have said nice things about it, now not everyone loved it but out of 12 friends who like GOW 11 said they think MP could have some long legs and be actually fleshed out

now i have not played like i said before. i don't think i care whether its good or not, i want the single player to be epic and from the last single player it looks epic

if you are a GOW fan than you know what you are getting

one question though why is it that every GOW game has had a different game director? what happen to sig i think the guy who directed GOW3? because he is still on the team

FunAndGun3163d ago

sounds like you got your head stomped in and split in half during your multiplayer experience.

It seems most people who don't understand the gameplay mechanics or get dominated quickly get turned off very easily.

What was it you didn't like? I mean, if you play multiplayer games and you like GoW, how could you not have fun?

LOGICWINS3163d ago

The multiplayer was either too easy or too cumbersome. No in between. At one point I had a four match winning streak, the next I was constantly juggled into oblivion for the next 3 rounds. It reminded me of why hack n slash games will never work online. It's 15% memorizing combos and 85% chaos/luck.

Also the mode where you have to kill that big ass monster didn't make any sense to me.

SilentNegotiator3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )


Yes, I'm sure those are the impressions you got from watching GOW:A videos on Youtube. Most of us that played it on our existent PS3s, however, seem to have enjoyed it.

FunAndGun3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

OK, fair enough. I can see how that would turn people off.

Obviously we all have our experiences and opinions, but I do strongly disagree with your views that hack and slash games do not work online.

If you were not able to understand the Team Favor of the Gods mode, then how much of an overall understanding can you have of the combat and gameplay mechanics at this point?

The combat is much deeper then you have dug, and this game very much depends on skill, tactics, timing, and reflexes. If you go in thinking %85 of the gameplay revolves around luck and chaos, then there is pretty much zero chance of you being successful at having a good time.

I think most of the negative views on the MP boil down to lack of understanding gameplay mechanics, NOT that the game doesn't work well as a MP component. Unless of course someone just don't like MP in general, and thats fine too.

FunAndGun3162d ago

I tried to reply to your PM, but you have me blocked.

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r213163d ago

Downloading now. Hope its fun :D Never tried a hack and slash online that works on ps3 yet.

jon12343163d ago

my own personal opinion about this beta... but the multiplayer sucks, its so boring.... i dont see why god of war needed MP

Xklaw3163d ago

problably boring 4 u because u get ur ass kicked. It´s a fun and engaging MP, and they really nailed that GOW combat feel for it. The MP made me want this game even more.

jon12343162d ago

Pretty funny...! I was waiting for someone to tell me this... No that is not ... And again which is why I said my own opinion... Sheesh

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