Pixel Judge :Steam Boxes – Answers Bring More Questions

For a long time there were rumors about Valve making their own console. As with many rumors, there were not many reliable details, so it was hard to know the real state of things. Finally, with the announcement of Big Picture mode and Steam on Linux in 2012, we knew that development of some sort of “Steam Box” was not just a rumor. Now, after CES 2013 there is a lot more information about Valve plans for hardware and Steam in the living room.

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Slapshot822125d ago

I'm very interested in seeing where Valve goes with the Steam Box(s). The prices have (somehow)get to get to a reasonable level though - why spend $1000 on a "box" when you can build a dang good gaming desktop that can use Big Picture for the same price?

Either way, I see where this is going and I really like it. Having a small PC-based multimedia box that does most everything is most likely going to be an affordable thing in the next decade.