Monster Hunter handheld games exclusive to 3DS for three years

A deal between Nintendo and Capcom which would see handheld Monster Hunter games coming exclusively to the 3DS for the next three years has appeared.

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Snookies123663d ago

Man, I have a 3DS, but Monster Hunter 4 should have been for Vita... Seriously, the game could have looked and I'm sure played much better with two analogs. Not to mention MH on PSP was the go-to thing for people especially in Japan. A lot of those people probably got a Vita in hopes of the next one on there.

Oh well though, not like I'd give Crapcom any of my money for ANY game anyway. Just putting in my two cents, which is my opinion of course. Nothing less, nothing more.

HammadTheBeast3663d ago

Well, they'll wish they hadn't signed this once Soul Sacrifice comes out and takes over, without any major competition.

strifeblade3663d ago

actually no, i dont think so... maybe ppl that own vita my wish they bought a 3ds? and maybe they will considering the normal 3ds is less than 150$.

But hey thats just what i think... i mean what do i know? im a nobody just like you.

DarkHeroZX3663d ago


I owned my 3ds first and until the new Pokemon have regretted every second of it. Only a hand full of games I actually enjoy, no features outside of games which make the 3ds a valid purchase, the Nintendo store is a hot mess, the 3d feature makes my head hurt. I love that I have an r4i that works on it but if the 3ds isn't cracked soon ill never own a 3ds game outside of Zelda which came with the special edition. I think capcom is shooting themselves in the foot with this deal.

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MikeMichaels3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

The funny thing is, anyone who wants to play monster hunter on Vita right now can go download "Monster Hunter Freedom Unite" from PSN for around 15 bucks.

....and it probably looks better then the eventual 3DS version.

This is a missed opportunity though. I've been dying to see a MH game game with actual shader/lighting fx's and good graphics.

Oh well. It's a new Gen, this is an old franchise. Something will rise to take its place.

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adorie3663d ago

Looks like Nintendo is trying to kill the Vita.

SilentNegotiator3663d ago

A corporation trying to kill their competition?

This is one for the history books, folks!

Haha1233663d ago

Monster Hunter 4 and Pokemon XY

Indeed the vita is pretty much dead

gaffyh3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

There are other games that can be big for systems. Monster Hunter was a new IP last gen, who would have thought it would be this successful. The same thing can happen this gen with a different game.

With that said though, if this is true, then it is a big blow to Sony. But it's not over till it's over.

sarshelyam3663d ago

Another finger pointed at Capcom's loony-bin!

freezola753663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Yea this is kind of bewildering, perplexing even..

I surely would have thought that this game would have made it to the Vita as well.

For the life of me why wouldn't THEE most popular game in Japan be available for the Vita. I know alot of people would be excited everywhere.

But this is definitely a power grab among handheld consoles because whoever gets Monster Hunter will almost instantly increase their console base..

If it happens this will be a tough lost but again this doesn't mean the Vita will die..

I am thinking that Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star Online 2 may be pretty big titles for the Vita.

But really MH is a pretty big title NOT to have...

Doesn't mean that I am gonna pack my Vita away LOL


showtimefolks3663d ago

i doubt this since MH franchise is a big hit on every console

so maybe 3-4 6 months exclusive. unless Nintendo paid big bucks i don't see 3 years exclusive period

AngelicIceDiamond3663d ago

I think we can ALL agree this is way worse than COD DLC hitting first on Xbox for 3 years...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3663d ago

funny the other source say "Rumor: Monster Hunter franchise is exclusive to 3DS until 2014"

SamPao3663d ago

MH can go to hell. I dont give a flying F about this game anymore! Trying to kill the machine that BROUGHT them where they are now! What pricks.
I hope they get served with bad sales!
Soul Sacrifice all the way!

Haha1233663d ago

Good riddance!!, when GTA was exclusive to the ps2 for a couple of years I doubt anyone was complaining like little b*tches, glad this series is exclusive on the 3DS and WiiU, glad the handheld I love is getting amazing support :)

Now in two months time I'll be getting a WiiU for the sole reason to play Monster Hunter in HD

PsnGammer213663d ago

I know that's your opinion but it's wrong 3ds isn't that great of a system it's only relevant because of pokemon, and Zelda. Not going to lie the Mario games been shit. The wii u yea it's good but you will stop playing it a month in. Monster hunter isn't really good game either.... Again all is my opinion. I had 3ds for 3 months regretted it then sold it instantly, have the vita a much better handheld system that when it has games coming to it just puts your 3ds in its place 6ft under the ground...

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Knight_Crawler3663d ago

"Man, I have a 3DS, but Monster Hunter 4 should have been for Vita... Seriously, the game could have looked and I'm sure played much better with two analogs."

This why not everyone can be made CEO of a company - MH Vita with better graphics would mean that the developers would have to spend more money than what they did with the 3DS MH.

Now tell me how this makes any sense business wise to spend more money on a game that does not even half the install base that the 3DS has?

Consumers do not look at the spending cost part of making a game and only look at the receiving end which is just make the dam game and do not worry if it bombs or sells...this is why Sony is in the red right now because the make game like iNfamous, Heavy Rain, Twisted Metal, Battle Royal, Killzone and Resistance which are great games but do not sell enough to break even or make a profit.

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stickskills3663d ago

I definitely would have tried the game out had it come out on the Vita in a reasonable time. Just another reason for me to not play my Playstation Vita... again...

JoGam3663d ago

Just another reason not to play your Vita again? Dude that got to be the stupidest thing I ever heard other than the word "Bazinga".

What did you buy it for?

Snookies123663d ago

Don't mock Sheldon's Bazinga good sir... D:

profgerbik3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I also think the word Bazinga is moronic to the point of no humor and usually I find stupidity funny but that is not even funny stupid, it's just stupid.

Mock it all you want.. Ugh just saying the word Bazinga back to myself makes my spine shiver in the most unpleasing way..

I also agree it's even dumber acting as if Monster Hunter is the only game if it were on the Vita to be worth playing.. It's not.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33663d ago

" What did you buy it for?"

Fell for the Sony hype? It happens to the best of us.

LordHiggens3663d ago

We as a people have a stick up our collective butts...We need to find out sense of humor again. Why so serious folks? Big Bang Theory is hilarious.

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Root3663d ago

I don't understand to be honest, I mean I understand from a business point since the 3DS is outselling the PSV but with the PSV they could do more with the franchise

ABizzel13663d ago

For some people and some companies then paycheck is more important than the quality of their work.

There are few companies that put both quality product and revenue on the same playing field.

In case you haven't figured out yet, Capcom is not the latter of the two.

Salamander3663d ago

Never played MH before it seems to be a quality game, otherwise why would people care so much. But hey thats business.

ChronoJoe3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

3DS is outselling the PSV something like 20:1 in Japan. Last gen the PSP had a good initial uptake in Japan off the back off the PS2. The PS2 was popular so some of that translated to PSP sales.

Unfortunately the PS3 isn't quite the hit the PS2 was and Sony no longer hold the exclusivity of intellectual property that they once did. There's far less reason for the Japanese to pick up Sony's new handheld than there was the PSP and as a result it makes sense that publishers like Capcom would want their games on the most popular system for their target demographic.

With the Vita's current install base it's really not worth developing for, to be honest. At best you're looking at 500k units sold. On the 3DS you can shift a few million. There's a big difference and I imagine that alongside the incentive from Nintendo made it an easy decision.

ABizzel13663d ago


That's somewhat true, but the thing is. Monster Hunter is what pushed the sales of the PSP in Japan, not riding off the PS2. The PSP wasn't doing huge numbers in Japan until late in it's lifecycle, and it's still doing well which is the problem.

The PSP is cutting into the sales of the Vita. World WIde both the PSP and PSV are selling similar numbers 80k per week.. The Vita has a near even split across the world (30k, 30k, 20k), while the PSP is selling (2k, 9k, 70k), and that 70,000 is being sold in Japan alone for the PSP.

On top of that Monster Hunter is a system seller in Japan as proven by the significant boost in sales when the games came to the PSP, and when it launched on the 3DS. Capcom knows this, and they know that if the release it on Vita it's still going to sell 1+ mil copies. THey just don't want to take the chance. They'd rather have another PSP quality game and a check than improve the entire series by releasing it for Vita or even consoles.

ElectricKaibutsu3663d ago

It's like people are forgetting the last console generation. The Xbox was much more powerful than the PS2 and the GameCube was slightly so, and yet all the big games came out on the PlayStation because, like the 3DS, it had the larger install base. I never heard anyone complaining then.

Godchild10203663d ago

If it was exclusive to the 3DS, why would it come to the Wii U? Unless he means, it's exclusive to Nintendo for 3 years. So, would 4 be the last game to be exclusive to the 3DS or does it start with 4?

Also, I thought Nintendo doesn't pay for exclusives.

Lionheart3773663d ago

All "handheld" Monster Hunter games will be exclusive to the 3DS.

Godchild10203663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Never mind I get what you are saying!

The source is from 2011, so that means the exclusivity will end next year? This does prove why we won't see a monster hunter game on the Vita this year.

Lionheart3773663d ago

That's what seems to be up in the air.

ChronoJoe3663d ago

I guess they do now. They shunned a lot of third parties previously so it makes sense to change their policy. They also netted Bayonetta as an exclusive too by offering to publish it.

Lionheart3773663d ago

Wait, what's the difference between exclusivity for "handheld Monster Hunter games" and "all handheld Monster Hunter games"? Both are pretty inclusive.