New Eye of Judgement Screens, Fact Sheet

Sony has released a few more new screens of the Eyetoy-based PS3 Card-Based RPG "The Eye of Judgement", and a fact-sheet explaining gameplay.

tom15956347d ago

i have an (or is it 'a'? >shrugs<) xbox360, but this game looks like lots of fun. kinda like yu-gi-oh right?

FeralPhoenix6347d ago (Edited 6347d ago )

From what I have just seen and read about this game...I can't think of anything I want to play less than this game. I mean don't get me wrong graphically it looks fine, but its just not exciting gameplay for me, not my style......and the fact that this is the 3rd most anticipated game for Japanese developers, beating games like Heavenly Sword, GT HD, Lair, RFOM says alot about what games they like.


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