Koster: "The web is kicking the console industry's ass"

Raph Koster, president of Areae and designer of Ultima Online and Star Wars: Galaxies, believes that the web, and Flash games in particular, are spearheading growth and innovation in the videogame industry.

Speaking during a private lunch at GDC last week, Koster said that because Flash is available on so many different devices, it's managing to reach more consumers than the last two generations of home consoles combined.

"I actually think Flash is the next-gen console in a lot of ways," said Koster. "It's pointing the way to the future more-so than the current generations of hardware, precisely because it is well on its way to becoming completely ubiquitous."

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Fishy Fingers3976d ago

Kind of silly... Flash games are FREE, i think if PS3/360's we're free and their games i bet everyone would play them, whether its for 10 minutes a week or 5 hours a night.

I didnt buy Devil May Cry (yet) but would i of played it if it was free? of course.

Prismo_Fillusion3976d ago

...console games are selling in record amounts. More people are buying consoles this generation than in any generation in the past... What is this guy talking about?

Wicked Sick3976d ago

The alliance created to "save" pc gaming disagrees.

Even though we are talking about flash games.

Intrepid3976d ago

Flash games are great for a 20 minute break at work or to play in computer class at school when the teacher isn't looking. Console games are much more engaging and provide better experiences. Flash games will never replace console games.

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