Aliens: Colonial Marines Ultimate Image Preview Collection

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a compilation of images from the pending Aliens: Colonial Marines game which shows the Xeno horror in all their acid-spewing glory.

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OhMyGandhi2099d ago

man...I absolutely love the way the game looks.

2099d ago
herbs2099d ago

Hopefully it looks this good on Wii U :)

Simmo3D2099d ago

Gearbox already said the Wii U version will be the best looking version on the consoles.

Garethvk2098d ago

I played the multiplayer a few times at E3, PAX Prime, and at San Diego Comic con. It is solid. The concern in game is that the A.I. will tend to charge directly at you. The online will be amazing, no question so in a way, think of COD. Not everyone will like the Solo campaign and can find issues, but the multiplayer experience is what really shines. It would be easy to think of it as L4D Aliens, which while some gameplay aspects are the same, it is as close to getting into that world as you can get. The visuals are so detailed. They had access to the film blueprints and such, I had a producer at Sega show me on his cell images from Syd Mead and concept art they were given by FOX to do the design work.