Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky Interview

On March 10 at 2AM PST, the universe of Mass Effects gets bigger. That's when the first piece of downloadable content, Bring Down the Sky, becomes available on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points (US $5). The pack contains 90 minutes of gameplay, a brand new alien race and offers up 50 achievement points. For those of us that can't wait a couple of weeks to find out more, we went to Casey Hudson, Project Director for Mass Effect at BioWare.

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BeaArthur3889d ago

Typically I only buy extra maps but I will definetely be buying this DLC. Great game and finally some decent DLC from a game other than new maps.

Lord Vader3889d ago

90 minutes for 400pts not bad at all. More value than a dvd rental ! Cant wait for this DLC !

PS360WII3889d ago

Should be fun. I'm ready to take them on!