PS Mobile and VITA could force a new user interface standard on PS4

Speculating touch will being on PS4's new controls is a kind of "stretch", but there is direct evidence that touch interface for controller was internally pondered by SCE.

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remanutd553662d ago

I wouldn't mind so bring it on and ps4/psvita need better integration than psvita/ps3 make it happen sony.

Red_Orange_Juice3662d ago

touchscreen would make sending PMs easier, the more I think about it the more I'm ok with the change.

jujubee883662d ago

Normally, when people think second screen, they thing beaming a whole (or good chunk of) gaming experience/movie down the screen. That's really what a tablet or VIA is good for. When you consider our displays aspect ratio.

I think what you are thinking about is more portrait mode. Some Portrait oriented display is the way to go if we are talking integrating a second screen into your console experience.

profgerbik3662d ago

That is what I am talking about right there!

stage883662d ago

Would live a touch screen in the controller for example, change song while playing a game etc.
It would probably be pricey but I'm prepared to pay.

gamingmaster20133662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

what i dont get is that since this rumoured news of the ps4 potentially having a new controller to replace the dualshock came out loads of people on n4g have been on about a 'touchscreen controller' and just like some of the above comments 'touchscreen would make sending PMs easier' and 'change song while playing a game etc', WHAT DO YOU THINK A PSVITA DOES? ITS A 'TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER'!!! SONY IS ALREADY USING IT AS A TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER (LBP2 cross controller!). if the ps4 had its own separate touchscreen controller then nobody would be buying a psvita, which would be stupid by sony, which is why i am 99% certain that the new ps4 controller will NOT have a touchscreen on it, and if there was a controller with a touchscreen on it for the ps4, it would be the psvita.

jujubee883662d ago

It is pretty clear that Sony want PS VITA to succeed and do its own thing. At the time, a multitouch screen on the PS4 control itself would allow for nice, bonus cross-content.

"...if the ps4 had its own separate touchscreen controller then nobody would be buying a psvita..."

Take your phone out. Does media transform depending on how you hold it? No need to answer that, it is pretty obvious if you haven't already tried it.

. . . Okay, enough cryptic clues for now. Please, check back at the site later today or sometime this weekend!

There should be a new article up in a while based on Sony's future altruistic adventures with a new controller. I will pitch my own concept art (though I suck at art) so, it should be a pretty article to look at.

doogiebear3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

The ps4's controller wont effect vita sales since it is built to only work with ps4. Assuming it doesn't play Vita games (or interact with any other games apart from the ps4), and is not an actual portable system u play outside, then there is NO conflict of interest between that controller and the Vita.

Your logic is weak.

profgerbik3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

And your logic is much more sound when all the information you have right now on the PS4 even having a controller like that is only from rumors..? I don't get why people are so quick to assume what it will have when literally know one now really knows.

I think anyone who seriously thinks Sony isn't going to use the PS Vita with the PS4 more than they have the PS3 is a little batty, there is literally no reason for them to be making a tablet controller for the PS4 like the Wii U when the PS Vita was aimed directly at that market already. Seeing as the PS3 clearly isn't going to carry out as far as the PS Vita's lifespan should point to that as well.

It would make less sense seeing as the PS3 has about outlived it's life span they would only use the PS Vita with the PS3.. I mean that won't do much for the Vita or any cross over functionality when the PS3 isn't really in the mix much while the PS Vita and PS4 will be.

I mean the timing for the Vita's release always said it was aimed more for the PS4 to me anyway. It would sell more Vitas also if it had more integration with the PS4 which no doubt it will.

Another thing is now instead of the PS Vita coming out very late and developers having to practically put in the work to get it working with the PS3.. The PS4 can be aimed at better functionality with it where as the PS3 was never was intentionally made for with the PS Vita in mind fully.

I am not saying if the PS4 did have a controller like that it would cut into PS Vita sales but I am just saying with how the PS Vita is selling right now it would be beyond retarded to even go to such lengths with a controller like that when better functionality with the PS4 and PS Vita would make much more sense and give people the incentive to actually want to buy the two if it's good enough and interesting enough to grab their attention.

Sony also has Gaikai which barely anyone ever mentions and there is no real clue at all what they will even manage to do with it.

To me make just makes literally no sense at all that they have Gaikai the perfect streaming service with the most advanced handheld hardware wise that can act as a controller between their systems, why they would even feel the need to have a tablet controller on the PS4. It just sounds crazy they would even bother investing in that maybe they might a have a screen or even a touch screen controller true but I don't think it will be anything like the Wii U's or PS Vita.

doogiebear3662d ago

Dude the Vita costs $200. I don't know why u don't understand that.

Oh_Yeah3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm cool with a small 2 inch touch screen in the middle of the Dualshock... Just for easier typing and multitasking back to the xmb into other apps and games.

Tei7773662d ago

how are you going to type on a 2' screen? You wouldn't be able to fit a digital keyboard on a screen that small.

Oh_Yeah3662d ago

The size of the bar in the middle.. Idk how big it is to be exact but it's big enough.