Next-Gen.Biz: By the Numbers: Death of the M-rated Game?

Resident numbers guy Matt Matthews of analyzes ESRB ratings trends and asks the question: is the M-rated game disappearing at the hands of easily digestible E-rated games?

When Next-Gen ran a news story recently about the latest newsletter put out by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), I (Matt Matthews) was intrigued. Not only are the numbers themselves interesting, but so are what they represent: ratings assigned. The fine print makes it clear that resubmissions are included in the totals, which means that these numbers – even if they weren't percentages – would not represent total number of games released in 2007.

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MK_Red3976d ago

M rated games are my faves and as long as BioShock, Mass Effect and Assassins are there I'm happy and will keep prayibg that good M gamrs never go.