Eurogamer: Epic Games' Mark Rein Interview

Eurogamer writes: When we booked our GDC interview slot with Mark Rein, Gears of War 2 was just an inevitability. By the time we sat down with him on the Thursday, Cliff Bleszinski had carved up the stage with a Lancer chainsaw bayonet and we knew it would be "more badass". With that in mind, we tried to prise some more details out of Mark and also talked about the new technology Tim Sweeney demonstrated for Unreal Engine 3 on 360, Unreal Tournament III's reception and Epic's future plans, and what exactly the PC Gaming Alliance - of which Epic is a member - is going to do for PC gamers.

Eurogamer: Indulge me, because the last few times I've seen you I have asked if you're doing Gears of War 2 and you've had to say that you can't say anything. So, Mark, are you doing Gears of War 2?

Mark Rein: Yes, we're doing Gears of War 2! Did you ever doubt that? It's been in development since before Gears of War 1 shipped.

Eurogamer: So are you making Gears of War 3 as well?

Mark Rein: No. I never know. No! No. No.

Eurogamer: Last time we spoke we also talked about UT3. Congratulations, by the way - Unreal Tournament 3 has now shipped in Europe for PS3.

Mark Rein: Yahoo! The European one is actually a slightly newer version and we're going to have a patch to the US one to match it.

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CaliGamer3888d ago

Eurogamer: Will the PS3 tech take a while to catch up?

Mark Rein: No, it's all the same tech. If it's in the engine, it's in the engine.

Hahahaha.. Ain't 3rd party developers great? Nice to see GoW2 coming along, can't wait for EPIC's next PS3 project, should look just as good if not better than what GoW2 looks like. ROFL. Nice read.

360_Rules3888d ago

Yeah it's going to be UT4. LOL

TheMART3888d ago

"Mark Rein: Yes, we're doing Gears of War 2! Did you ever doubt that? It's been in development since before Gears of War 1 shipped."

Great, it's not a rush like some PS3 fans like to believe. It's build up from ground to a nice finished product. And I'm pretty sure it'll top the score of Gears of War 1

Because that games sold their Unreal 3 engine.
Gears of War 2 will sell the updated 3.5 Unreal engine again, so they'll make that the best looking game out there!

It'll outdo UT3 with ease, and all other competitive games that release this and next year. Expect massive beating of both Resistance 2 and Killzone 2!

Animal Mutha 763888d ago

I wouldn't read too much into what features you will see on PS3/360.

It's obvious that these guys are really sensible in ensuring that new features just migrate into the engine meaning that they will then appear on whatever platform has the next UE based game. Gears will no doubt(and should) be better than its predecessor but that doesn't mean it won't get suppased by whichever game comes out next using the engine regardless of platform.

I'm more interested to see how much more performance sucessive generations of games can gain on the 360 hardware. I think its triple core 6 thread cpu still has some to give if the devs optimise their multi threaded code. The PS3 too has much more to give from the cell which should more than make up for its slightly weaker GPU.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3888d ago

You do know the Cell (CPU) can create graphics as well so that adds to the GPU's power. Have you ever heard of "Real-Time Ray-Tracing"?

Kain813888d ago

with PS3, it runs 10 times faster or so than a PC or was it a 360?
i have read this here on N4G

beavis4play3888d ago

i'm curious as to how gears 2 looks and plays as compared to ids' new game: RAGE.

PirateThom3888d ago

The engine is id Tech 5, hopefully it can kick ass as well. Only because I don't like Unreal Engine 3. Too many people use it.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3888d ago

They are still using the Unreal Engine 3 they just keep upgrading it, I don't know where you got "RAGE" from. It must have been some kind of technique but the engine is still Unreal Engine 3, lol.

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