Wii U: The First 2 Months

Now that the launch is over, the downloads and updates have long been acquired, and launch titles have been beaten.'s "King of Video Games" takes a look back at his first 60 days with Nintendo's newest console.

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Akuma-2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

the rumoured specs of the ps4 is about 12 times the power of the wii u so far so the title of this article shouldnt really be about the first 2 months of the wii u but a eulogy for the wii u.

there arent any games in sight worth talking about for wii u and if you consult a nes fanatic about the wii u all theyll say like nintendo atomotons is " WAIT TILL ZELDA, MARIO, METROID, SMASH BROTHERS " or some other tired franchise is out. nothing is wrong with the franchises but they are always way behind in tech and such simplified in graphics, controls and all sorts for kids and casuals.

im a nintendo fan not a fanatic. im a fan of what was once nintendo but the "yes sir nintendo" fanatics ruined nintendo. they are the ones that would play with a wiimote and say its the best controls of all time but it makes gameplay worse and sluggish or simplified controls. the same people that would say, "power doesnt matter, its all about the games" not realizing that limiting power in systems wont allow for experiences like heavy rain , uncharted or games that realistic environments are needed to evoke certain emotions and such. with a powerful system, you can do realistic games and also less graphical advance games.

fanatics are also doing their rounds already like a propaganda machine. talking about how they cant tell the difference between 720 and 1080p and 1080p is all that is needed so 4k is rubbish. people hear 4k and its like being engulfed in fire because its something wii u and others cant do or focus on and 4k is something being pushed a lot by sony. there will be 4k tvs this year that cost about 5 grand and more consumer friendly by next year.

weak systems like wii u are rubbish when the ps3 and xbox are more powerful. playing bf 3 where every now and then i need to look down to press 3 or 4 to switch between propane, rocket or defibrillator and medical supplies is a pain and representative of lookin down to touch the screen of the wii u pad. i just have to learn how to position my hand better on the keyboard but its no so with wii u where you are forced to do so with a lot of games. people talk about the second screen for wii u like its a positive when its a negative. wii u is rubbish

i cant wait for ps4.

thank you n4g for welcoming me back with open hatred and love. i appreciate you all, fanatics and friends.

Phil322157d ago

I know a Wii U beat you up as a child, but your constant crapping up comment sections with your juvenile trolling of plastic toys does not help the opinion of people that gamers are immature.

LOL_WUT2157d ago

For a guy who goes around labeling people as juveniles because some persons opinion on the internet offended you then maybe you need to take a good look at yourself.

After all it's just plastic toys right? ;)

As for this article I don't expect the guy to be bias after all it's

lilbroRx2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Well said Phil32.

@LOL-wut, what you just did was humorously ironic.

Freedom of opinion doesn't stop at the person who wishes to be the biggest dbag. People who feel the need to express their opinions are also themselves just as subject to the opinion of others.

You can't tell a person on the internet that he can't give his opinion on the internet of someone else's opinion on the internet because that person is free to give his opinion on the internet. That makes no sense.

Whats difference does it make whether its on the internet, at a school or in a government meeting? Immaturity is still immaturity, and trolling is still trolling.

If someone doesn't like being held accountable for what they state then they shouldn't state it.

Also, stop masquerading as a SEGA fan. "I" am a SEGA fan. You and your constant trolling are an insult to us all. SEGA fans do not support trolling, they support innovation in gaming as that is what the old SEGA meant.

lilbroRx2156d ago

"fanaticism - Excessive, irrational zeal."

You have been one of if not the first poster on almost every major Wii U newspiece since you've been back from what I take was a ban with absolutely nothing to say but insults and belittling comments that far exceed rationality.

That means you literally have to "camp" on this news site to be the first one to make a response.

There is only one person on this site who fits the definition of fanatic better, and that male wheres the face of Lightning from FFXIII.

Also, stop tooting your own horn. No one looks at your actions with hatred and only anti-Nintendo fanboys like look at you with love.

The rest of us look at your actions with disgust and sadness. You bring shame to the gaming community.

nintendoland2156d ago

i don't think it will be 12 times more powerful. It would cost too much and Sony would go bankrupt

EddieNX 2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Xbox 720 looks like it's using a power PC CPU and a 6760 , it's an overclocked wiiu. Probably a 1.6GHZ CPU and people are gunna have to eat their words what they said about wiiu.

PS3 is using an A10 APU which is not a good CPU really , and a 7670 which is the SAME as the 6760.

Both the ps4 and 720 will be lucky to be even twice as powerfull as the wiiu. People don't understand the costs of more modern GPU's , Edram , Hyper efficient Custom CPU pipelines etc.

And whilst the 720 and ps4 may be twice as powerfull as wiiu on paper , the actual graphics will only look a TINY bit better.

The wiiu is the ps2 and the 720 and ps4 will be like Gamecube and Xbox.

Sony and microsoft don't want to up development costs , Manufacturing costs and company losses just so a small amount of graphic whore can be happy.

They will be 50% catering to the casuals which is the other markets now.

Ck1x2156d ago

You my friend have no life! Lol
Every comment is like a copy paste of the last...
Now when Sony and Microsoft put a screen on their controllers as well I hope all of you zealots remember your hypocrisy.

DwightOwen2156d ago

A $500 PC that you can build TODAY will ass-rape your beloved Orbis six ways to Sunday.

herbs2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Oh Akuma you sure post some hypocritical, contradicting drivel I must say. You criticize Nintendos simplified controls (you didn't play Skyward Sword obviously) and then the fact that you still fail to see the potential of having a controller that has all the functions of a Dualshock with additional features (touch screen, speakers, working gyros etc) shows me that you cant be taken seriously as a gamer. Also when you reference a game like Heavy Rain (a game that basically plays itself) in a sentence following your simplified Nintendo controller bashing this further leads me to believe that your opinions have absolutely no credibility. Furthermore the fact that your so hung up on 4k TVs (tech that will be unattainably expensive for at least 5 years) and the way you go about voicing your opinions on such a immature level makes me absolutely certain that you are an extremely spoiled child. Please stop calling people fanatics when you are clearly fanatical ;)

jmc88882156d ago

PS4/720 won't output native 4k.

The rumored 7970m can't even do 60fps 1080p with BF3 on medium settings.

Granted in a console it should be decently more efficient, but there is no way in hell it will output native 4k.

Besides PC gamers can already game at 4k or above and don't need a 4ktv to do it. I don't, but it's possible.

PC allows you to output to multiple monitors where you can spread the image out across say, 3 1080p HDTV's. That alone is almost 4k. Can be done for about the cost of a 40 inch HDTV if you buy say 3 20something inch HDTV's for 150 bucks each or thereabouts.

But you can also buy the 1600p Monitors for about 400-500 on ebay, and thus you can have above 4ktv right now on a PC and only pay about $1500 for it.

Whymii2156d ago

My god that was a waste of text. Get to the point and stop babbling. Trust me, no one cares what you have to say, so say it quickly. Geesh!

jmc88882156d ago

You can game at over 3k on PC for about $450 if you buy a three $150 20 something inch HDTV's.

For $1500 or less you can 3x 1600p HDTV's and game over 4k right now on PC.

Plus PC parts can actually render games at such resolutions, but you are talking 1-2 grand in graphics cards to do it.

The 7970m rumored in the PS4 can barely run BF4 on medium settings at 1080p.

You won't be gaming at native 4k on a PS4. You'll barely be doing 1080p.

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pennywhyz2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I love my u.Its a matter of time b4 the games start rolling in.I own every console and THEY AE FUN NOT POWERFUL.IF YOU WANT POWER GET A PC BECAUSE CONSOLES ARE NOT POWERFUL THIS GEN OR THE NEXT but they are very fun.All you people bashing U are in for a big surprise when PS4 and 720 come out.I will be buying both but for fun and games not power.And again i'm not bashing any console but the word powerful and console dont go together.

jmc88882156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Exactly. If you want power, you need a PC.

All the consoles are fun. My GTX 670 beats a PS4/720, but I'll still buy them.

It also didn't stop me from buying a Wii U which I'm enjoying alot. Blops2, NSMBU, ZombiU are all great games.

Can't wait for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Which I could play on highest setting on PC, but decided on the Wii U because I really want to experience a handheld Aliens motion tracker like the one I saw as a kid in the 1986 Aliens movie.

Akuma talks about 4k, what he doesn't realize is that his rumored powerful 7970m can barely play Battlefield 3 on medium settings @1080p.

So if he buys a 4ktv he's going to waste alot of money since the PS4 won't output native 4k.

If he wants to game at 3k-4k or beyond he needs a PC.

Go get himself 3 cheap 1080p monitors for about $450...hell you can do it for $300 if you find the right deal and get say 20 inch ones. If not on an extreme deal and you want say 23-26 inch ones you're probably looking at $450 or so.

Or you can go 3x 1600p monitors for about $1500.

Far better than paying $25,000 for a 4ktv. Even if they bring the costs down to $5,000, what I describe is a much cheaper alternative, and if you get the 3x 1600p, you'll have even better than 4k. Also I highly doubt they'll get it down to $5,000...maybe $10,000.

Oh_Yeah2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Don't hate on Akuma dudes funny without even trying.. most of his post I do agree on especially "there arent any games in sight worth talking about for wii u and if you consult a nes fanatic about the wii u all theyll say like nintendo atomotons is " WAIT TILL ZELDA, MARIO, METROID, SMASH BROTHERS " or some other tired franchise is out." I mean really I've been gaming since the nes and every year Nintendo recycles all their franchises. They have so many good games from the nes and snes they could bring back... But they mainly just focus on those titles mentioned. Like take some damn risks already nintendo, where's the open world pokemon? Where's the Earthbound sequels etc etc etc. Throw in some realistic art style in the games too... There isn't no point of having a hd console if your not going to push it.

Kos-Mos2156d ago

Xenoblade, Last Story, Little King`s Story to mention a few.

lilbroRx2155d ago

No, the games they are waiting for, are Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Origins, the new Monolith Soft game, and Lego City undercover.

No "Nintendo" fan says wait for new Mario or Smash Brothers to show off graphics. Those games aren't about graphics. They are about fun which is something that PS3 fanboys seem to only be able to obtain from harassing gamers on console these day.

You don't see Nintendo fans camping in the Sony section to troll Sony. Nintendo's fan couldn't care less what Sony does. Sony's consoles don't interest them any, and they don't need to belittle them on every single article to "convince themselves".

I'm primarily a PC gamer of course, though the Wii U looks to hold the most promise of offering something I can't get on the PC next gen, same as the Wii did this gen.

Praise affordable motion controls.

wiiulee2155d ago

lol 12 times more powerful by whose definition..who is going to be making games for that system...get a life silly is already in last place this generation and losing money left and right especially with that doa psvita....another system costin 500 dollars or more and we can wave goodbye to sony, it will be their last generation.

MNGamer-N2155d ago

I like video games. Nintendo included.

ElectricKaibutsu2155d ago

I concur. A good game is a good game regardless of console.