PSN Not Back Online Until Tomorrow

Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning. Please look out for further updates.

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Snookies122100d ago

Man.... I wanted to grab up Darksiders dang it! My internet was crapping out before the maintenance, so I couldn't get it in time. :\

Oh well, I'll just have to wait I suppose.

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AngelicIceDiamond2100d ago

This has to be the longest maintenance so far? Makes me wonder what Sony is actually fixing/updating.

Redempteur2099d ago

it wouldn't surprise me that it would be a full backup of their databases .. it's a lot of data considering what they have to save.

it's the full SEN network that is in maintenance now.

Christopher2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

@Redempteur: That wouldn't require downtime. You can do that live. It's a seamless process and happens every day as it is with standard protocols for an on-site backup and an off-site backup of data (off-site likely done weekly).

*facepalm* @CaptainYesterday for marking this comment as immature.

Snookies122099d ago

How are people going to disagree with my comment? Lol, oh N4G, you and your shenanigans... :D

FACTUAL evidence2099d ago

Is this EU only?....I'm signing in and out since this whole thing.

nunley332099d ago

No this is affecting all regions and it isn't just PSN, it's the entire SEN that's down. That also includes music & video unlimited and any other ones. It's scheduled to be back up at 2am PST/ 5am EST.

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Wigriff2099d ago

I will never understand why people on N4G don't understand what "disagree" means. You made a factual statement. lol. People will disagree with anything on here.

"I just ate a turkey sandwich."


N4GDgAPc2099d ago

I don't know why they keep agreeing with u. Should be DISAGREE!

rapidturtle2099d ago

You should have had roast beef.

Snookies122099d ago

Your statement holds true! Look at all those disagrees! :D

Apparently those people believe you had a "ham" sandwich, not a turkey one.

Raoh2099d ago

"Man.... I wanted to grab up Darksiders.......... "

That's why, even if I have no plans to play on tuesday's, I log on to the playstation store and grab my free playstation plus content.

Always nice to have a few games just sitting on my ps3 hard drive for rainy days.

elpresador2099d ago

Not to be one of those guys but, since u gotta pay for plus, how exactly do u get free games? I mean if u dontcpay for plus u cant get them so how exactly are the games free? Its a tecnicality I know but still truthful.

Consoldtobots2099d ago

well its the witching hour here on the eastside and all is back to normal.

Liefx2099d ago

Am I the only one not experiencing downtime? My PSN is working just fine.

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Godchild10202100d ago

They must be doing something really big with the network to be working on it so long. Color me excited.

SOD_Delta2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Prepare to be letdown, But I hope something is in store as well.

@iamnsuperman Yea, the current store is weak compared to the older store. I dislike the new design. I find it takes me a lot longer to find new/latest content than the previous store.

iamnsuperman2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Probably will be a let down but I feel it will be store stability related (I.e. actually making it work properly)

Skips2100d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

If it has to do with making the store more organized, load faster, and stutter less. Then I'm all for it. lol

I also hate how many times you need to press "yes" or whatever to check something out and download. : /

Godchild10202100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I don't mean big in features, but big in stability and other functions of the network.

extermin8or2099d ago

they could easily be doing something relating to unreleased consoles.... p after all we are expecting a ps4 announcement very soon and a launch by xmas...

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claterz2100d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Nothing will change, just like every other bit of maintenance they do on the PSN. No one should be surprised that they haven't been able to get it back online in time though, It happens pretty much every time they do it!

Gochild1020 well from what I remember most of the time they do these things they are never back online when they say they will be (here in the UK it may be different to you). All they do is keep pushing it back, first it was 4pm today, then 10pm, now tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if it was down until Sunday (although I seriously hope not). What annoys me most is how vague they are about what's actually happening, obviously it's OK if the network is down for a couple of hours but when it turns into days then they should at least explain what is going on. There are millions of gamers waiting to get online to play on a WEEKEND and yet Sony act as if nothing is wrong.

Godchild10202099d ago

I usually don't have a problem connecting back after their maintenance has been done when they originally specify. Also remember there are people already connect to the PSN if they were signed on prior to the start of the maintenance.

rainslacker2099d ago

While I agree that companies should be a little more upfront on why a delay may happen, it's pretty much par for the course when it comes to stuff like this.

Giving details just angers people, because most people act as if it should be simple, based on their limited knowledge of connecting an Ethernet plug into their computer, which does all the work for them. Hell just look at this thread or the other article about it. People act as if Sony doesn't care or isn't doing anything about it. I'm sure their engineers are working non-stop to get it fixed.

These servers are extremely complex, utilizing multiple databases, and hundreds of servers that span globally to provide consumers with service. One unseen error can cause downtime like this, and sometimes the fix isn't something that can be thrown in at a whim. More often than not it requires finding where the error is, fixing it, then making sure it doesn't break something else.

Maintenance suggests replacing broken servers or backing up data. Often times, it also includes updates to the software, and likely in this scenario, it's the new software which caused a problem. Unfortunately new software can't just be uploaded for the sake of a quick fix, as it could cause all sorts of unforeseen consequences or security issues.

Blastoise2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Annoying...But i'll get over it

they best be fixing that terrible new store

Game4life2099d ago

i find it funny. Im signing in and out but my brother in the next room over cant sign in. lmao

rezzah2099d ago

I was in that same situation. Both my brother and sister could sign in but I had 2 days of being under maintenance. It came back on for me last night.

Treian2100d ago

what is the big deal? if it is down this long, they must be doing something very good for it!

Silly gameAr2099d ago

It's not a big deal. People just like to make it one.

MasterCornholio2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

What was a big deal was the anon attack that caused PSN to go offline for a whole month. This is nothing in comparison so i dont understand why people are acting like its another PSN attack or something similar.


True which is why its shameful that Microsoft charges you for Xgame chat on live. IMO

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Ron_Danger2100d ago

If you want free xgame chat, get a vita

CC-Tron2099d ago

Great idea. I love free. Is the Vita free also?