Lightning Returns: Carrying the adventure solo as Final Fantasy's first female protagonist | Joystiq

Joystiq: "he Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII was icy to be sure, but she could be caring as well, especially when dealing with her younger sister Serah. She was believable as a leader, and she was believable in her personal relationships. That alone made her more likable than 75 percent of the Final Fantasy XIII cast.

In a recent Lightning Returns demo, however, I saw a character who was closer to the god-like figure depicted in Final Fantasy XIII-2."

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zerocrossing2193d ago

OK, Im really not sure if you're trolling.

Summons752193d ago

Japan sure thinks so, she is number one there.

Rush2193d ago

Am quite sure even in Japan Cloud Strife would be more popular than Lighting

zerocrossing2193d ago

Lightning is just the flavour of the month it works that way a lot in Japan.

Elda2192d ago

@chadwarden...I see you like the FF character Lightning,I think for a female FF character she is a interesting badass!

chadwarden2192d ago

I like female characters that aren't completely useless(which ends up being the majority of them) Lighting breaks the mold especially since she's the protagonist.

iamthebozz2193d ago

Umm pretty sure that Terra and Celes came quite a bit before Lightning.


Yep, Terra was the first female starter playable character in FF and after that Yuna got her own game, FF X-2, but the thing is, whoever wrote this don't even know what a protagonist is...

Just cause you started playing with a character doesn't mean it's the protagonist... Look at FF XII, you mostly play as Vaan but the protagonist is Ashe, Vaan is a deuteragonist, working much more like a narrator would in a book, providing his point of view. Also, Terra, which you start playing with, is not a protagonist (at least not a classic one), the Returners, as a group, are the most important entity in FF VI story.

Although unusual in games, a protagonist don't even need to be playable, just be the main cause of actions or the one most affect by the world, the story evolves around the protagonist, doesn't matter if you ever play as him or not... But in FF indeed I don't remember such a case, still there are many female protagonists that are only playable in battle: Ashe, Yuna (in FF X, playable all the time in X-2), Aeris, etc. Lighning is as far from first as possible.

Kratoscar20082193d ago

I maintain FF6 had two Protagonists: Terra of the Balance world and Celes for the world of Ruin.

In short FF6 did it first and better.

DragonKnight2193d ago

To be fair to the author, it's Toriyama saying that Lightning is the first female protagonist. And then he goes on to talk about FFVI like he had anything to do with it when he started with FFVII. The guy is a stone cold idiot that is pretty much single handedly destroying Final Fantasy with Wada's approval.

zerocrossing2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

"Lightning Returns: Carrying the adventure solo as Final Fantasy's first female protagonist"

First female protagonist? Oh they've done it now.

ImpliedDeception2192d ago

Mea Culpa, accidental disagree.

zerocrossing2192d ago

No prob mate, I do it myself from time to time ;)

Yangus2193d ago

Charlie's Angels
Made in Square-Enix 2013.

DragonKnight2193d ago

FFX-2 was the first Charlie's Angels for FF.

ayabrea932193d ago

terra would like a word with that title

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The story is too old to be commented.