GTA 5 Come With 1600MS Point Rebate

Microsoft has every new game set for release in 2013 available for preorder, with a substantial rebate.

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flappersack3198d ago

Unsure whether to pre order this for PS3 or 360 just yet.

omi25p3197d ago

360 for me, All my friends will be buying it for 360. I prefer Achievements to Trophies.

I buy every multiplatform for 360 simply because i prefer it. My PS3 is solely for Exclusives.

AngelicIceDiamond3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

That's honestly how my friends do it. Buy all Multiplats for Xbox and PlayStation for exclusives. Which makes sense seeing how Xbox "has no games right?" Sarcasm* ( YES NO {Sorta} )

I know its seems odd to N4G that allot people tend to play "MULTIPLATS"<< <(key word) on Xbox and buy the many AAA's exclusives on PlayStation.

yeahokchief3197d ago

That's the point of the rebate. M$ is trying to get people to buy it on an inferior platform.

THis is probably going to be the best selling video game of all time.

I believe it will sell MORE on the PS3 than any other platform since 360 and PS3 are the only options and playing it on the 360 will require a subscription fee for the online service and will also require you to use multiple dvds instead of just 1 bluray.

BeAGamer3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

still getting this for my PS3. I don't want to deal with my 360 and have to swap discs.

Plus, Grand Theft Auto is more of a Playstation franchise. Have to stick true to the roots.

RuleofOne343 3198d ago

If that the case then you should also play it on Windows & Game boy Color

kingPoS3198d ago

That's true, but Playstation was the main platform most people paid attention to when the GTA series became popular. It also didn't hurt the you could experience virtually all of the GTA games on the playstation brand.

I'm still waiting for the first three to show up on Live and PSN. (fingers crossed)

DrugAddict-3198d ago

I really don't get why you just told us all you're going to do.. Just say, no, I'd rather get it for my PS3 and shut up..

DigitalSmoke3198d ago

You dont want him to talk about the joke of a game being on 2 discs these days?

Well it is, and yes its prety pathetic.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

@flappersack. buy it on the PS3, that way you're paying more and probably going to get the worst version without timed exclusive DLC.

@BeAGamer. LOL Roots? GTA started on windows and DOS and has been released on windows ever since.
Also is it too much hard work to get yourself out of your chair to swap a disc? i will be getting it for PC myself as it will have great Mod support. I would rather a 2 second disc swap on an Xbox than a mandatory 1 hour install on the PS3.

i was just going to say i was getting it for PC BUT as you had to tell the world why you don't want the 360 version i just thought i would point out you will probably be getting the worst version.

slaton243198d ago

spam---flapper will not be payin more because if it has online of course free on ps3 cost 360 money, last i heard and i seen an article here way back its being worked on by the ps3 and 360 will be the port...and timed exclusive who cares thats just M$ way into getting u to buy their system so u can get stuff first....i am a sony gamer and always will be .....ok back on topic...its cool with the rebate save it up to get 1 add on for free when it comes out

Cam9773198d ago

That's right, make assumptions without seeing a thing about the game. You do know that what we've seen ha been on PS3 and not Xbox, doesn't that tell you something. Stupid fanboy.

unchartedxplorer3198d ago

SPAM-FRITTER-123 Who said there is going to be timed exclusive dlc? Rockstar said they are doing nothing of the sort.
The chances of it getting timed dlc on the xbox is less because the demo was shown on the ps3
To be honest it did have roots on the playstion. When GTA III came out sony got a couple of year's exclusivity for the grand theft auto series. Look up on you tube Rockstar history ep 2 by machinima and skip to the 6 min mark and you'll know what I mean.
Plus I think taking out a disc about a billion times is worse than installing for ten minutes ONCE.

OniXRuleZ3198d ago

Red Dead Redeption and Gta 4 prove your rong!!! better on xbox....

SuperSonic2663198d ago

gta 5 on 360 will be a mess

unchartedxplorer3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

OnixRulez Wow, what an arrogant idiot...
I don't know how you did it but you managed to insult the 360 and the ps3 communities.

BeAGamer3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

I'm still getting it for my PS3 irregardless.
the 360 version will be at least 2 or 3 discs. its unacceptable. its currently 2013

Monkeycan83198d ago

Also all the demos they have shown the press have been on PS3.

HappyTrigger3198d ago

Was it really necessary to waste two bubbles telling us you're going to get it on PS3? I think we got your point the first time. lol

In any case, pretty good promotion. But I already have mine pre-ordered at Gamestop (Yes, that evil store :P) and the fact you have to go the store to redeem it is a bummer since the MS store is a pretty long drive.

Hingle_Mcringleberry3198d ago

Ha ha ha ha. Irregardless!! You ignorant hick.

1nsaint3197d ago

If it is 2 disc, it will probably be like forza and halo 4, where u just install disc 2 once and then never use it again, much like how it goes with install discs on pc..

RuleofOne343 3197d ago

*its currently 2013* But yet we still use tissues for wiping. its unacceptable. ha ha

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IAMERROR3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

so MS actually gives gamers a great deal and they still complain? lmao! "pathetic" really? What's more pathetic than hating on a piece of plastic? "Xbox3fixme" really dude? Grow up. When I said Sony fanboys would never let it go... I was right, literally.

And since was multiple discs an major issue? Was this even confirmed? More of playstation franchise? I disagree, that's like saying Final Fantasy is more of a Nintendo franchise cuz that's where it started. Xbox wasn't even around back then, they just put it on whatever platforms are popular. GTA also sells better on Xbox, so maybe it's more of a Xbox franchise :) hahaha

omi25p3197d ago

You might as well get it for ps3 because going by that comment i doubt you have a 360.

RandomEclipse3197d ago

Is that why the PS3 version of gta4 was the inferior version compared to the 360 version?

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BanBrother3198d ago

Not complaining, but I would love to be able to buy stuff from the Microsoft store in my country. Freakin awesome deals, Americans don't know how lucky they are.

I'll just stick to the Ps3 version, although I expect to be paying $100 with no freebies :(

Cocozero3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

360 version all the way GTA4/RDR were superior on the 360 GTA5 will be no different

MS points are just a bonus.

DigitalSmoke3198d ago

Wrong, this GTA got build on the PS3, and then ported to the 3fixme.

dazzrazz3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

and then somehow it still managed to have 20% more rendered pixels because PS3 ran at 1152x640 I guess that 256MB of ram was not enough on your super cell advanced machine lol

jony_dols3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Insignificant details that barely matters to the untrained eye. Try GTA 4 at 1920x1080 60fps & you'll see how much better it performs than '3fixme' & 'super cell'.

There will be no real difference between GTA5 on either platform, if you have both, then play it on the one that your mates play (for the online).

DigitalSmoke3198d ago

I don't know what is more pathetic, microsoft giving out money to plz stay on their system.
or the xbox3fixme player who don't know its a small part of their own money they get back for paying to use their own internet on their own console...

What a joke.

die_fiend3198d ago

Speaking of pathetic, read what you just wrote. To actually hate a should get that checked maybe pal! Is it pathetic to get incentivise people to buy their version of what will be one of the biggest selling games ever? Seems quite sensible to me. And about paying for Xbox live...u know that you can talk to your friends while playing on the console yeah? That's one hell of a phone bill I've saved

aPerson3198d ago

I'd bet my left nut that if it were Sony offering the deal (obviously they wouldn't use MS points), you'd be praising them for it.

I'll tell you what's pathetic: console loyalty and brand fanboyism.

NoobJobz3197d ago

Finally someone with some sense. While I do prefer one console over another, I still hate when fanboys of my preferred system say the things they do. Fanboys in general are immature. I'm hoping fanboys are little kids because immaturity in that case would at least make some sense. But if you are an adult spouting nonsense, that is flat out embarrassing. Grow up.

aviator1893198d ago

you're hating a company because they're giving free $20 worth of points with a game and spinning it as pathetic??


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