Devil May Cry 4 Promo Swaps Girly Men For Girly Girl

Devil May Cry's always been a rather sexy series. Effeminate heroes, long red coats, exposed man-chests, you know how it goes. But a slutty series? No. Not until today, anyway. High-brow British men's lifestyle magazine Front has subbed Dante and Nero from the game's screens and replaced them with the demure, classily-named Vikki Blows. What will those marketing types think of next?

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TheHater3889d ago

I wouldn't mind playing as her. Who agree?

gogators3889d ago

and capcom needs to act on this idea.

Fishy Fingers3889d ago

Should of done this with a "certain" part of Mass Effect...!

KidMakeshift3889d ago

You sure that's not Nero, lol

SL1M DADDY3889d ago

When is she available for download?

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