GTA V: 5 Reasons It’s The Most Anticipated Game of 2013

"Few games come around that demand your attention like a Grand Theft Auto game. Other game developers pray the release date doesn’t coincide with their own game."

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gillri2562d ago

Hmmm im still looking more forward to Bioshock Infinite as I prefer character driven atmospheric games than tongue in cheek games like GTA5

I would actually Im looking forward to TLG (if it comes out this year) and Dead Space 3 almost as much as GTA5

theBAWSE2562d ago

Hate articles that claim to speak for the entire gaming community

last of us is my most anticipated game..even though i will buy gta

Conzul2562d ago

Pretty much same for me, except I'm hotter on The Last of Us.

Ezz20132562d ago

i will buy the game day 1
but there is other games i looking forward more

LOGICWINS2562d ago

I'm looking forward to Watch Dogs/Yakuza 5 more actually. I've played so many GTA games in my day that I already know what to expect for the next one. I'm a little jaded on the franchise. I'll get it, but not Day 1. I'll likely wait for the GOTY edition with all the DLC.

Monkeycan82562d ago

I just can't freaking wait. that's all i have to say.

showtimefolks2562d ago

Simple reason it's being made by ROCKSTAR GAMES who made past GTA game along with recently hit RDR

GTA is the biggest name in gaming, I know COD sells a lot but GTA overall has a much more bigger hype factor

Tr10wn2562d ago

is the quality you cant find this kind of quality on most games and you can count the games with the same quality with one hand.



there are other good games coming out, but honestly gta is the only one i feel i want day one.

I know what i am getting with gta and so far i have never not enjoyed a it as a game... even gta 4 which i still love and respect on a technical level.

there are loads of other games with hype, but for me they could swing either way.

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The story is too old to be commented.