Five Reasons Yakuza 5 is Not For Me | Kotaku Preview

Kotaku: Until I sat down and played Yakuza 5, my knowledge of the Yakuza series was limited, to say the least. I knew the characters and some of the story (from wikis, friends, and the movie), but when it came down to playing the series, the most time I had spent with it was in playing the demos of Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza: Dead Souls. While I don't have particularly bad memories of playing those demos, none inspired me to go out and buy the full games.

But how long can a series go on before you begin to think, what did I miss? So as I started to play Yakuza 5, I was excited to finally be experiencing the highly acclaimed series. Sadly though, by the time I was a few hours in, that excitement had turned into dread as I realized little by little that Yakuza 5 was just not the game for me. And here are the reasons why.

Catoplepas4057d ago

I was about to launch into an expletive filled tirade, then I realised it was Kotaku.

Hating anything with even a semblance of originality, or quality is basically a prerequisite to work there.

MmaFan-Qc4057d ago

Kotaku, showing its low standards again.

dedicatedtogamers4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Typical day at Kotaku:

A "What new games are coming out?"
B "Here are a few games"
A "Which of them are PS3 exclusives?"
B "These four, and those three, and this one"
A "Okay. Pretend to play those PS3 games and then give me five reasons why each of them will be horrible"
B "You got it, boss"

Diver4057d ago

100 reasons kotaku is not for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

drizzom4057d ago

Just rate them down and move on.

Ult iMate4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

>>then I realised it was Kotaku

Yeah. They should really limit their article with just one main reason: "Why Yakuza is not for me? Because it's Kotaku so f**k Sony." End of story.

P.S. It's a pity Sega didn't localize Yakuza Black Panther on PSP (and some other of its great PSP games).

Dir_en_grey4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

LOL yeah right Kotaku, forget about five reasons; the only REAL this article was written up, is Yakuza 5 is still a PS3 exclusive

Vote this site down already...

LOGICWINS4057d ago

Somehow I'm looking forward to Yakuza 5 and Kotaku not being interested in it doesn't bother me. Don't get the fuss. Not everyone on planet Earth HAS to like Yakuza...just like not everyone has to be interested in Halo, Gears etc.

Heisenburger4057d ago

Five reasons why I won't give Kotaku a hit:

Crap... I didn't think that through.

Sihayathefremen4057d ago

I already went into a hateful tirade after reading that "review" and I won't be visiting Kotaku again ever.

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vork774057d ago

i would still play yakuza 5

zerocrossing4057d ago

I will say this, if you're not a fan of Japan and their culture then Yakazu 5 is probably not for you.

Fortunately I am, I like Japan and the culture and have enjoyed the Yakuza games.

Ezz20134057d ago

the first yakazu game i played was 4
never played it before

and i'm not from japan and i have no clue about their culture..i'm from egypt

the game was awesome and the story was well written and i loved playing as Kazuma Kiryu,Shun Akiyama and Taiga Saejima
i fallen in love with yakazu games since then
and i can't wait for 5

caseh4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Guy who wrote the article sounds like he was playing just to complete it and on top of that, doesn't have a fkin clue how to play a Yakuza game.

1. There are many heat moves that allow you to attack multiple enemies at once.

2. Carry decent armor and enough health and you'll never die

3. Random encounters can be avoided, you just walk around them...

4. Because each character is different and has completely different moves hence they needs to be leveled separately.

5. Conversations can be skipped.

Reminds me of a Youtube clip of a guy playing Tanimura's boss fight in Y4 and just waffling 'its impossible' blah blah. If he had taken 30 minutes to do some of his side quests and learn his moves rather than just mashing buttons he would realise that Tanimura is practically invincible.

rataranian4057d ago

The main reason why Y5 isn't for you:

"Until I sat down and played Yakuza 5, my knowledge of the Yakuza series was limited, to say the least."


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jznrpg345d ago

I loved Asura’s Wrath . It’s my avatar still to this day

Abnor_Mal345d ago

I remember Remember Me, I haven’t forgotten that it was actually a good game.


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neutralgamer1992931d ago

I just could not get into like a dragon I love Yakuza series but when they went with turn based combat it just was not for me. I hope future entries go back to its original roots or at least every now and then have a game where is real Time brawler combat

We do have judgement so at least there are other similar games being made by same developers

Yi-Long931d ago

I liked most of the Yakuza games I’ve played, and I (mostly) did enjoy the new direction they took with ‘Like a Dragon’ and its new fighting system. It was a welcome change of pace. Its JRPG turn-based fighting system wasn’t perfect, but it was a good first attempt on which they can expand and build. Didn’t like the damage-sponge boss-fights though, which felt more like a chore instead of tactically taking out your opponent.

Deathdeliverer931d ago

I’m sorry but no way is like a dragon better than Yakuza 0, 4,5, or 6. It’s different with a lighter hearted tone a lot of times. Plenty of slapstick and jokes. It literally feels like a DLC compared to the main Yakuza games. Unless you simply don’t like action games maybe… but going through the underground arenas, fighting the mini bosses randomly on the streets on different games for money or exp (like the guy in the gold suit for example). Not to mention the mini games, which Like a dragon has some too, but not as good as most other Yakuzas. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing Yakuza from the beginning. It’s like the metal gear rpg/card collector that was on PSP or Vita. It was a cool game and a lot of fun, but it wasn’t a METAL GEAR. It was fun for what it was. I don’t believe this person actually played through all the Yakuzas. Probably gamepassed like a dragon and dabbled in the others to get an idea.

neutralgamer1992931d ago

Yakuza 4 is such an underrated game and zero is what made the series have legit string foot outside of Japan

Like a dragon in my opinion isn't on the same category quality wise. It's story and characters aren't as interesting

isarai931d ago

Same, been there since the first on PS2, but you're gonna get a lot of disagrees. Many people defending Yakuza 7 weren't fans of the previous games, or only dabbled, and they seem to outweigh diehard fans like you and me. So it's pretty much like trying to shout over a crowd. This is what the Yakuza series is from now on, Judgement is our compromise, but it seems even that is in the air lately given some behind the scenes conflict apparently.