House Of The Dead: Overkill Studio Working On Secret Wii U Project

Nintendolife: ''UK studio Headstrong Games - the company behind House of the Dead: Overkill, New Art Academy, Battalion Wars 2 and Lords of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest - is working on an unannounced title for the Wii U.''

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StifflerK2555d ago

I sure hope it's HOTD Overkill 2 - that game was awesome.

Neonridr2555d ago

Overkill 1 was a fun game, and I love how they gave the game the "Grindhouse" treatment.

Neonridr2555d ago

Battalion Wars 3 please!

Imagine how great it would be to control your units using the touch screen gamepad. Would definitely showcase how the Wii U would be great for RTS games.

PopRocks3592554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Oh hell YES! That would freaking awesome. Hopefully more RTS games will hit the Wii U. That controller is perfect for unit selection in an RTS style game.

stuntman_mike2554d ago

battalion wars 3 would be awesome.

chadboban2555d ago

Who knows, maybe they will reclaim their world record for most swearing in a video game after they were beaten by Mafia 2.

RogueStatus282554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Battalion Wars 3 or House of the Dead Overkill 2

Oh_Yeah2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Oh cool a point and click game on rails.. Yeah we need those. /s

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