UK Weekly Chart, Ending 12th Jan 2013


1: X360 - 11,953 (-43%)
2: 3DS - 9,527 (-48%)
3: PS3 - 9,442 (-41%)
4: Wii - 2,998 (-41%)
5: DS - 2,597 (-38%)
6: PSV - 2,572 (-46%)
7: WiiU - 1,952 (-50%)
8: PSP - 387 (-31%)

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AWBrawler2561d ago

why are all of UK's numbers so low

iamnsuperman2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Post Christmas boom and also post Christmas sales were not particularly good for electronic products. I got a Vita (managed to find a good deal but these deals are hard to come by). Also this is the tail end of post Christmas sales boom. It is always going to be low as a lot of the sale shopping is done boxing day till New Year

Belking2561d ago

Big drop for everyone.

Chris5582561d ago

The season is over that's why

chukamachine2561d ago

Wow, Ninty's numbers for wii u, ouch.

TheGrimOfDeath2561d ago

I hope we are not going to have a game crash similar to 1983.

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