GamePro Preview: Fable 2 gets two-player co-op play, plus two other secret features

GamePro writes: Today, Peter Molyneux unveiled two-player cooperative play for Fable 2, the Xbox 360 action-RPG expected to launch this fall. Molyneux demonstrated the new co-op feature in real-time, inviting a friend into his game without a hitch. The second player warped in with a slick, Matrix-style distortion effect and the two-player gameplay began. Molyneux's character fought side-by-side with his partner; Molyneux also said that players could invite a friend at any time -- even in the middle of battle.

Overall, Fable 2's graphics look much improved since its appearance one year ago. The woodland environments we saw looked colorful and detailed, and shimmered with a sort of mythical ambiance. The graphical upgrade isn't all eye candy, though, with the smooth character animations making combat look closer to God of War than Fable 1. Overall, the graphical presentation was promising. As long as Lionhead Studios smooths out the frame rate, we expect Fable 2 will be one of the better-looking Xbox 360 games.

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