Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review | Daily Echo

In Ni no Kuni, PlayStation 3 owners have good reason to rejoice, and good reason to pity those without a PS3.

Lucky owners of the console need this game, even if it means using their Christmas money, their savings, or even selling a kidney - after all, they have two of those.

But until now, they've only ever had one world.

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NukaCola2567d ago

This game is getting outstanding reviews. I can't wait!

Thantalas2567d ago

Smart review. If you have seen a couple of Studio Ghibli films you know the kind of world you are playing in and the characters you will meet. I haven't played this yet but I am really looking forward to it as many reviews say it is like playing in your own Studio Ghibli film. I can't wait!

raWfodog2567d ago

I like that the love seems unanimous across a variety of review sites and magazines, even with the game being a PS3 exclusive. It's definitely a great sign that the game will be a classic.

Reborn2567d ago

This needs to get delivered now. I can't wait.

Summons752567d ago

Only the weekend to go. In the homestretch of this wait but it'll be so worth it.

goldwyncq2567d ago

Shame it comes out 1 week after in Europe :(

strigoi8142567d ago

I will pay it full this weekend. Cant wait

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