Here's how to become part of the Vista 'junk' PC lawsuit

If you bought a Windows Vista Capable PC, and want to be involved in the class-action suit against Microsoft for misleading advertising, it's simple to do. Here are the details.

As written previously, a federal judge has given class-action status to a lawsuit against Microsoft for a marketing scheme in which people claim that Microsoft misled consumers into buying the Windows Vista Capable PCs, even though the PCs couldn't run the most important features of Vista. A Microsoft employee has said of the PCs, "Even a piece of junk will qualify" to be called Windows Vista Capable.

The legal firm Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP filed the suit on behalf of plaintiff Dianne Kelley. Because the judge in the suit has allowed it to become a class-acton suit, the lawyers are looking for more people who bought Windows Vista Capable PCs and want to be involved in the suit.

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PumPum3891d ago

I have a AMD ahtlon x2 +6000 4gb ram 500gb HDD, is it a piece of junk?
I know my videcard is, 8500GT 512 + Turbo Cache but i cant get vista to crash no matter how many programs i run. Was cheap too only 699€

Gabe3233891d ago

Your system is mostly up to date all hardware is likely Vista certified. I've never had a problem with Vista on two systems. Old was AMD Opteron 170,4GB ram, X1950Pro. My new system runs very smoothly. C2D @ 3.4GHZ, 2GB ram, 8800GT 512.

It's good to research compatible hardware and software before upgrading to Vista.

dexterwang3891d ago

Vista is utter garbage compared to XP, but I really hate how everything results in a lawsuit in America... people suing people left and right... if you don't like the product, boycott it or petition against it, a lawsuit just shows your greed

ben hates you3891d ago

so agree with you and the thing is these stupid ass fanboys on here if it the law suit is against the console they hate then they want to join the stupid thing, and i hate america because of the suing and the greedy insurance companies, lawyers and more,

i'm can't wait till i move to spain

and on a second note, vista vs. XP, is just an opinion, i have xp works fine, my cousin has vista it seems okay he doesn't have a problem with

Ji3891d ago

I dont know how this will end since, Vista capable, is Vista capable whether it is only basic, it can still run the core of vista.

360_Rules3891d ago

People should have known better. I guess the best they could get is a free copy of Windows XP.

GETPWNED3891d ago

vista rules. haters suck. I had only a gig of ram, and vista had trouble with running all sorts of highend applications and 3D software with complicated scenes, and well, I literally (about 30 minutes ago) just threw in two more sticks o ram (a gig each). So I'm up to 3 gigs, and it just blows my mind how great it runs now. Truly amazing.

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