Why Intel bought Project Offset and the Offset Engine

By all appearances, Intel's interest in gaming is on the rise. Not only is the CPU giant developing its own graphics technology and a founding member of the PCGA (PC Gaming Alliance), it has now acquired Project Offset. Project Offset is a game engine development team that has kept its own plans close to the vest-thus far, only Red5 Studios has licensed the Offset Engine-but the company won a great deal of praise for the gameplay trailer it released last July. Intel's decision to acquire Project Offset may be a dream come true for the company, but it raises the question of what Intel intends to do with a game engine.

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DADO3889d ago

I think that Intel will be using the Offset engine to even take more business away from AMD. The will have an engine that will be specially designed for Intel processors.

PS3n3603889d ago

I was thinking a console but dominating the pc game market would be less of a battle than going against xbox ps3 wii consoles. AMD seems to be on life support intel may be looking to pull out the plug.

TheIneffableBob3889d ago

My bet is that Intel will use "Project Offset" to showcase Larrabee.

MK_Red3889d ago

I just hope it doesn't make the game PC exclusive. Hopefully it's still on track for 360 and looks as gorgeous as it was.

Charlie26883889d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at ALL if that (making it PC exclusive) is step one for Intel as member of the PC Gaming Alliance

I think if this comes true the PGA will show that they are not going slow but going full arms since in the members main interest is to continue selling their hardware, more exclusive = more reason for more people to upgrade using their parts (in this case Intel and its a win win for them)

Its a brilliant plan..and yet diabolical in execution XD (LOL)

I wonder what NVIDIA (named company of the year in 07) and AMD/ATI are secretely their space station (I mean The Justice League has one so the PGA probably too XD )

MK_Red3889d ago

So true. The Justice League should do something about this evil plan!
Great comment and awesome call on the space base :)

This could indeed be one of the first major moves of PGA.

Fishy Fingers3889d ago

Better forget the 360 and start upgrading your PC's then guys.... : (

power of Green 3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Should wait and see the PGA ( PC Gaming Alliance) actaully helps devs get the most performance with the least power or lowest specs possible on PC's this will help improve the quality of console games sence for the most part they use or have CORES. It's actaully good news for all.

Helping folks get high quality and taxing software on the lowest specs the software will allow is good for all platforms.

I read in the gamer zone *companies just wan't to sell more hardware* which is true in a sense that they wan't more PC to be able to run Taxing games on lower specs thus selling more harware and software so I partly agree.

Its great for console sense they're basically low/mid end PCs.

Upgrading to much better hardware isn't the main focus (PC Gaming Alliance)
its to get more people to buy software their PC will be able to run due to the advanced tech which allows great games to run on weak set-ups amoung many other things.

Fishy Fingers3889d ago

While i kind of agree, you think Intel have an interest in the console markets?

Intel is PC through and through, and hardware is more important to them than software, buying these companies is purely to try and keep PC gaming going and securing Intels future, as its generally PC gamer who do the most upgrading, you dont spend £700 on a new CPU to look at your e-mails faster.

power of Green 3889d ago

I wouldn't put to much stock in *they own Offset software* must mean all their focus must be PC only. The game "offset" is working on now must cost millions why would they ignor a money making market? when they're part of a party that makes powerful games run on weaking spec PC's?.

Intel has much more to worry about then securing some tech to make great titles with, the trend is in favor of the console market they're wrong about thinking its shifting because of needing a powerful PC.

No one's buying a PC when they're console gamers because of offset software or project offset.

Its possible they wan't to get into console gaming maybe they buy into MSFT vision maybe the next Xbox will be a super PC-like console. lol

PC gaming is a mess because consoles are getting powerful and consoles are better for social gaming. Who really sits in front of a PC when you can site in your living room with people.

Richdad3889d ago

Things are changing instead since you can see that nor the PS3 or 360's processor has been fully utilized. But on contrary GPU on Pc are strong and are utilized completly.
Accordingly so 360,PS3 still have a lot of new things to come and PC is a ever changing platform, but the reason its good to get a PC is now that Gpu has gone extremly cheap yes 7800 GTX 512 MB is availble for 120$ ( 4800RS) in my country. Also with unveiling of 9800, 8800 will get cheaper so this time things are changing. Also you would see you will not require a top quality processor to run games so this good.
But the only pedigree is that you will have to upagrade but not to mention its getting cheaper and as far as console goes there true capablity has not reached till now. So there is room for all three so all of them can do best and public is there to decide whereas lastly only PS2 was king so PC, Xbox and GC were not used upto fully capability but this is not the case now.

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