Killer is Dead Debut Trailer has published the debut trailer for Killer is Dead, its summer 2013-due PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action / execution game detailed and pictured earlier this week, complete with English subtitles.

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Evildoomnerd2560d ago

I need to play this game. Hopefully it makes it to NA and EU.

wishingW3L2560d ago

The trailer has English subs, I think that should tell you something. ;)

2560d ago
Andreas-Sword2560d ago

looks like a bad Ninja Gaiden clone!

Venox20082560d ago

guess you have never played Suda51 games :D

Lord_Sloth2560d ago

What part of this gameplay makes you think of Ninja Gaiden?

Venox20082560d ago

I'm too Suda51 fanboy, cant wat! :)

CrimsonSquall2560d ago

Wow, its like a more intense No More Heroes kind of game. Looks pretty fun!

wishingW3L2560d ago

No More Heroes was a last gen game after all.

Kurt Russell2560d ago

It looks bat shit crazy, but it does look like fun!

BoNeSaW232560d ago

Not even gonna bother with this title at all. Suda's work is really getting bad!
All of Suda's games BOMB HARD outside of Japan! I'm not really sure why they bother localizing anymore?

HellzAssassin2560d ago

I'm not too fond of the art style either... But gameplay looks incredibly fun! Due to this genre being my favourite, aside from MGR:R this is near the top of my anticipated list.

ShaunCameron2560d ago

Actually his games sell better OUTSIDE of Japan than in. Most of his audience reside in North America.

BoNeSaW232560d ago

Your right. His games do sell better here.

I've been under the impression for years that they just didn't sell well in NA because they were made for a Japanese audience but actually, they don't sell well ANYWHERE.

I stand corrected.

spicelicka2560d ago

Am i the only one who loves the art style? What's so bad about it?? Maybe it has to do with the fact that i haven't played previous Suda51 games before, but i'm digging the art style.

wishingW3L2560d ago

I like the art-style but don't like the games from Suda. They always are all style no substance.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Judging by the arm, Suda got tired of waiting for a new Megaman.....

Pre-ordering as soon as I can and crossing my fingers for a cameo from Garcian........

krontaar2560d ago

Didnt like their last game, but this looks amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.