Temple Run 2 Feels Familiar, But the Formula Remains Fun

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[Editorial] ‘Temple Run 2’ and The Black Dog of Depression

Temple Run 2 is a horror game. Recently, that’s been sort of obvious. For October, developer Imangi’s endless runner was decked out in Halloween accouterments. Jack-o-lantern’s shine with glowing, yellow smiles as you sprint past. […]

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chazjamie1934d ago

who knew free to play games could have any depth to them!


5 Tips for Temple Run 2

KeenGamer: "Temple Run 2 is everybody’s favorite endless running game on the Android and iOS platforms. Have you recently added Temple Run 2 to your tablet or mobile? If so, check out some of the TR 2 tips below.''

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Fist4achin1987d ago

1 Run
2 Move
3 Run
4 Jump
5 Run

And not necessarily in that particular order.


Review – Temple Run 2 Blazing Sands Android - Gravis Ludus

Carl Williams writes, "It seems that Temple Run 2 is going the route of Street Fighter 2 around the whole of the 90’s. This is yet another expansion for the popular 3D endless runner. I missed out on the ice levels update that preceded this one. I don’t think I am missing much. This update is all about the desert and sand. Fans of that one episode of G.I. Joe where they entered that pyramid will probably find more than a little bit of fun in this one. If you can’t stand 3D, or 2D, endless running games then Temple Run 2 Blazing Sands is not going to change your mind though."

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