DmC’s Killer PC Version Will Be Worth The Wait

Kotaku: If you're a console-owning hack 'n slash 'n juggle fan, you've probably already got Ninja Theory's DmC on Xbox 360 or PS3. (And good for you: It's a fun game.) But if you're holding off and can wait another week, you should strongly consider waiting for the PC version, which comes out on January 25, a week from tomorrow.

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MEsoJD2562d ago

hell yeah! Dat frame rate...

NewMonday2562d ago

the PC Version is the one that made me consider getting it at all.

dirthurts2562d ago

Frame rate is everything when it comes to how a game feels.
I won't play a game if it can't run at 60fps (frame rate lock, poorly optimized, etc).

shivvy242562d ago

my left nut dropped when i saw dat Frame Rate

chukamachine2562d ago

I'd try it on my pc.

But the 30fps update is smartly done on PS3/360.

Bordel_19002562d ago

If you have a decent PC, in my opinion this is a no-brainer. 1080p 60fps (and higher) is so much better than the console alternative.

kevnb2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

the ps3 version is a bit half-ass, frame drops. In some games its not that big of a deal, but in dmc it kinda sucks. I dont have a 360 anymore, but I imagine its around 24-30 fps like other ue3 games.

2562d ago
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