Aliens: Colonial Marines Interview - One For The Fans writes: Ahead of its release next month, we had a chance to have a John Mulkey from Gearbox Software about the highly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Mulkey is the game's Design Director, and has plenty to say about working on a franchise with such a massive cult following, developing multiplayer and designing the Wii U version.

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showtimefolks2559d ago

all the previews i have watched/read have made it sound like this game could be quite good, not that i care but graphics wise this game is lacking compare to other games in 2013. but as long as story,gameplay,atmosphere is good with some great online MP than i don't mind graphics.

IMO a better story,gameplay is more important than graphics

metroid322559d ago

Graphics on this game are the best ive seen on ps3 for example the light sources remind me of UE 3.9 samariton tech demo.

specsmatter2559d ago

Leave it up to Metroidfanboy to come and hype his game more than what it is....

So yeah this game has the best graphics you seen on a ps3? lol what a fanboy with hidden agendas. Sorry dude although previews are pretty positive for this game it has some blatant faults and your insane if you think this looks better than....


You have a hidden agenda and that is that your a big wiiu fanboy and supposedly this is suppose to look better on Wiiu so your hyping it up to be this graphical benchmark its not.

Heres a few comments from unbiased previewers lol

1) Although worlds and backdrops are beautiful they give off this plastic looking shine making it look fake.
2) Character animations are said to be lacking
3) Aliens are said to be like sponges

I will be buying this game day one, however plz dont lie on here and say it looks better than anygame on ps3 just because your getting it on the wiiu and think youll have this game that trumps all others on ps3 sorry dude we all know uc2/3 Go3 and Kz hold those graphical benchmarks on consoles. Crysis 2 was another ppl like you were proclaiming would be best looking console game with killer lighting and got scrapped by kz3 just look at digital foundry comparison lol

PygmelionHunter2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Got a problem with Metroid fanboys, buddy? *raises fist*

Seriously now, did you even stop to consider that perhaps metroid32 really digs the style of the game? That perhaps he has a bias towards the Alien movies? that he's really impressed by the lighting?

There are a million other reasons he could be praising the game for that don't have anything to do with him being a fanboy, besides you act as if the games you mentioned have better graphics by fact, not that I disagree with some of those BUT, I can still name N64 games that IMO destroy 99% of current games artistically, if opinions are anything to go by, you see? There is a reason a to why opinions differ from facts.

specsmatter2559d ago

nah buddy his comments in the past say it all. But thnx for your 2 cents.

herbs2559d ago

Hopefully the Wii U port from Demiurge Studios will be as good or better than the other console versions. Apparently they have done work with Gearbox before on Boarderlands and did a good job bringing Mass Effect to the PC. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

lilbroRx2559d ago

LOL, someone gave you a disagree for that. Funny thing is, the the Devs themselves said the Wii U version will be the best looking.


You seriously cannot speak good about Nintendo on this site.