4 Things We Don't Want in Grand Theft Auto V

There's a lot of things Rockstar can do to make Grand Theft Auto V a great game. But as long as they don't include these four points, Travis Freese from Leviathyn will be happy.

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travisefreese2567d ago

It's been said before but its good to see it again.

GTA4's phone sucks.

WeskerChildReborned2567d ago

I want GTA V to be over the top but also have realistic elements, that is why i like the GTA series.

Also they most likely updated the phone, my guess is we'll have an Iphone like phone.

t0mmyb0y2567d ago

I have no problem with any of the authors complains.

The phone was easy and very quick to use,
Not every event should be funny,
Most mini games were avoidable, just don't say yes on the phone, and
Realism is welcome if done right.

I couldn't get into Saints Row BECAUSE of how unrealistic the driving was.

All just my opinion.

flankhim2564d ago

I didnt like the first 2 of saints row. But the third had me rolling when you could do wwe wrestling moves on random pedestrians.

cmurdurr2567d ago

No more floaty driving. Cars were awful in GTA IV.

black9112567d ago

Is there any hype for GTA5 like it should be?

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