Forget Final Fantasy Remakes, I Want a New Bushido Blade

Flynn from takes a look at those persistent Final Fantasy remake stories before suggesting something crazy: he'd rather see a new Bushido Blade game than a Final Fantasy remake.

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a_bro2557d ago

i waited over a decade and a half for a new bushido blade....

PrimeLantern2557d ago

What about Battle Arena Toshiden?

wheresmymonkey2556d ago

There's already been one on the wii. Sadly it never made it out of japan. IS till a damn fine game though.

Godmars2902557d ago

Approved on title only!

Pity the industry, and especially Square, is in the current state that it is. I can only envision plot/cut scene heavy tripe which has to have a gimmick other than the involved sword fighting mechanics.

NovusTerminus2557d ago

I STILL play Bushido Blade 2 every now and then... Makes a great party game!

One of the best PS1 games ever made.