One year on, why not buy a Vita?

MMGN: Over the Christmas break, the Vita turned one in Japan. In Australia, we’ve had the device in our hands for eleven months, and we’ve watched as the price quietly dropped a whole heap as no one bought the damn thing. But the Vita is a damn neat little system, a consistently impressive machine, and one that you might well want to look into now that the inevitable lull-periods of a year’s beginning are on the horizon.

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BrianC62342560d ago

That's a good reason. Anyone who does have the money should check the Vita out though. There's plenty of good games. Don't listen to the people trying to kill it. And if you have PS Plus they have plenty of great free games now. You can buy a Vita and Plus and not worry about buying any games.

KangarooSam2560d ago

Two comments in and no one's bashed it yet. Not sure how to react.

Seriously though you're right on the money. I spent $400 on my Vita, accessories, etc. the week it was released and a few of the items have dropped in price by now. There have been bundles saving consumers A LOT also. However, I don't regret paying what I did to support Sony, Developers, and the like. But if you're still complaining about the price then wait for a deal, bundle, whatever, and save up! It's most likely cheaper than your phone which if you think about it is ridiculous with all the things the Vita can do.

So, in conclusion, hop on the bandwagon people!

brish2560d ago

There is a vita in my home.

The problem is it's not mine and there is a restriction that only allows one account per vita. The vita will always be bound to someone else's account.

She doesn't buy, or play many games.

If that DRM was removed I would buy a game for it to try it out but because of the DRM I won't be getting any games for it.

I have plus but it's useless for the vita because I'm can't put the games it because of the account restriction. I'm not going to buy another vita so I can try a game out (games get locked to accounts as well).

BS DRM = no game purchases from me

animegamingnerd2560d ago

same thing there is a vita in my home but it is my brother's

Y_51502559d ago


So that means Vita is attached to one's life lol.

BrianC62342559d ago

I guess that's a problem for some people. I'm the only one using my Vita and PS3 so I don't have that problem. We can thank the hackers for this problem though. Sony is trying to stop all of that mess. And people who share everything. I guess that was taken advantage of too much on the PSP.

Soldierone2560d ago

Vita is getting some phone games, and honestly that alone shows why the vita is so awesome. Using the rear touch pad so you can actually see what you are doing on the screen is such an overlooked feature. Honestly wish phones would get this!

That and its longwise screen with clarity is way awesome for side scrolling games. Apple went the opposite way, which to me didn't have gaming in mind with the decision.

BrianC62342560d ago

Have you tried Surge yet? I think it's just $2.79. Fun game. Mobile is giving the Vita a lot of good cheap or free games.

Soldierone2560d ago

Nope, but will check it out. I'm addicted to these casual games on it lol

League_of_Draven2560d ago

Because there is no point. Vita hardly has any games and if I get any handheld then I'd rather get a 3DS as it has a better exclusive lineup.

KangarooSam2560d ago

Zelda, Mario, and... Kid Icarus, Pokémon, and Professor Layton maybe?

Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed, Ragnarok Odyssey, Tearaway, Killzone, Sly Cooper, Soul Sacrifice, need I go on..?

You sir, are not the smartest. I'm not bashing the 3DS or attacking your opinion but if you think the 3DS has a better lineup than the Vita then you must be BLIND. I know everyone has different tastes; that's why I bought my 3DS for Mario and Zelda, but the Vita has so many better games for the average core gamer.

Not to mention Skype, scrolling with the rear touchpad on Facebook so your fingers don't block that beautiful OLED touchscreen (love this feature), SEN, Netflix (looks incredible), etc.

Stop being an immature troll and pick up a Vita.

Soldierone2560d ago

Funny thing is those games are all retail as well. Vita has even more games sitting in the PS Store, let alone the PSP and PS1 library....

DEATHxTHExKIDx2560d ago

3DS 2013:
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Pokemon XY
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

just a few major titles this year.

meowthemouse2560d ago

None of the Vita games interest him, maybe he isn't trolling, hes just stating his opinion.

EddieNX 2560d ago

No , the vita does not have better games than 3DS. Here's why

out now

Kid icarus uprising
Resident evil revelations
Resident evil mercenaries
Mario 3D land
Mario tennis open
Paper Mario sticker star
Mario Kart 7
Ocarina of time 3D
Starfox 64 3D
Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance
Theatrythm final fantasy
Virtues last reward
Cave story 3D
Tales of the abyss
Shin megami tensei devil survivor
Rythm thief and the emperors treasure
Street fighter 4
Dead or alive dimensions
Tekken prime
Ridge racer 3D
Pilot wings resort
Ghost recon shadow wars
Steel diver
Nano assault
Bit trip saga
Scribblenauts unlimited
Harvest moon a new begining
Rayman Origins
Snake eater 3D
Professor layton
Code of princess
Sonic generations
Bit trip saga

And many others I have forgotten

Eshop big hitters

Dilons rolling western
Colors 3D
Escape vector
Mutant Mudds
The denpa men
Sakura samurai
Ketzals korridors
Gunman clive
Art of balance touch
Liberation Maiden
Crimson shroud
Aero Porter

Coming soon

Monster Hunter Ultimate
Luigi's mansion 2
Fire emblem Awakening
Animal crossing new leaf
Etrian oddysey 4
Pokemon Mystery dungeon
Castlevania MoF
Pokemon X and Y

And many more.

Ult iMate2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

WTF are these games have to do with "better 3DS linup"? They are ever multiplatform with Vita or have similar games or close on Vita or simply irrelevant.

Mario tennis open
Mario Kart 7
Virtues last reward
Cave story 3D
Shin megami tensei devil survivor
Street fighter 4
Dead or alive dimensions
Tekken prime
Ridge racer 3D
Pilot wings resort
Ghost recon shadow wars
Steel diver
Nano assault
Bit trip saga
Harvest moon a new begining
Rayman Origins
Snake eater 3D

Why some games repeated twice?
And if you mentioning games from N64 for 3DS - there's a whole bunch of PS1 games for Vita.

And don't even mention those "Eshop big hitters" bc there are plenty of good downloadable games in PSN/PSM too.

Yes, 3DS has good games, but you are really clueless about Vita games.

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MattyG2560d ago

I think the whole "It has no games" thing has been disproven by now. Now if you said it doesn't have many games coming soon, then I'd agree, but right now it has a large library for a one year old console.

Riderz13372560d ago

Only the confirmed 2013 games:

1) Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
2) Killzone: Mercenary
3) Soul Sacrifice
4) Tearaway
5) Warrior's Lair
6) Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD
7) Dragon's Crown
8) Phantasy Star Online 2
9) Guacamelee!
10) Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault
11) Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
12) Urban Trial Freestyle
13) Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge
14) Rainbow Moon
15) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
16) Dead or Alive 5 Plus
17) Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
18) LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey
19) Lone Survivor
20) Let's Fish! Hooked On
21) Dragon's Racing
22) Castle Storm
23) Snapshot
24) Dragon Fantasy Book II
25) History - Legends of War: Patton
26) Velocity Ultra
27) MotoGP 13
28) Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus
29) MLB 13: The Show
30) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
31) EscapeVektor

Plus Don't forget annual releases of:
Need for Speed
Assassin's Creed
Call of Duty (Maybe?)

MattyG2560d ago

@Riderz1337 Wow, there are more games than I thought for 2013. I guess I was thinking of Vita exclusives. Has Sniper 2 been officially confirmed? I thought the only thing we heard about it was through a ESRB post.

guitarded772560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Yep... Vita has absolutely no games.

1. Gravity Rush
2. LBP Vita
2. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
4. MGS 1, 2, 3 and Peace Walker
5. Assassin's Creed Liberation
6. Persona 4
7. Uncharted Golden Abyss
8. WipeOut 2048, HD and Fury
9. Killzone Mercenary
10. Madden, MLB and FIFA
11. ModNation
12. Mortal Kombat
12. MotorStorm RC
14. Need For Speed
15. Ninja Gaiden
16. Oddworld HD Strangers and Munch's
17. Phantasy Star Online 2
18. Plants vs Zombies
19. Rayman Origins
20. Ragnarok Odyssey
21. Rainbow Moon
22. Resistance
23. Retro City Rampage
24. Sine Mora
25. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
26. Soul Sacrifice
27. Sound Shapes
28. Street Fighter X Tekken
29. Super Stardust Delta
30. Tearaway
31. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom
32. Warrior's Lair
33. Unit 13
34. Netflix
35. Facebook
35. Twitter
36. FourSquare
38. e-Mail
39. Skype
40. NEAR
41. Augmented Reality
42. Maps
44. Camera
45. YouTube
46. Flikr
47. Trophy Support
48. Music Player
49. Apps
50. PSP games
51. PS1 games
52. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and more
53. New Little King's Story
54. Music Unlimited
55. PlayStation Mobile
56. etc... how many more reasons do you need.

@ BELOW: I just copied and pasted from one of my earlier comments to another person who thinks Vita has no games or features. Laugh all you want... the point is the same. Detractors are full of it. If you think I'm wasting my time editing the list on a troll comment, you guys are crazy.

Kamikaze1352560d ago

I'm kind of upset that you listed Skype and the internet as games. After reading that list, I need to take a break from humanity.

PopRocks3592560d ago

Uhhh, dude? Some of these are apps... others on this list have not come out yet.

ElementX2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

How about exclusive games? Or games that aren't PS3 game spinoffs?

specialguest2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Sure, the Vita has games, but most of those listed are ports and remakes. I understand that it's typical for new consoles/handhelds these days to be released with a lot of ports. There are games that might be amazing, but those games are not even out yet.

KZ and Soul Sacrifice might be promising. Port over Ni no kuni and it's an instant buy!

Ult iMate2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

The exactly same can be said about 3DS - are there big absolutely exclusive games that are not spin-offs of Nintendo or any other company franchises?

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Riderz13372560d ago

The Vita has a more diverse set of exclusive games, not to mention most of the third party games that are available on both handhelds arguably perform much better on the Vita than they do on the 3DS. I mean sure the Mario and Zelda games are nice, but they just seem too repetitive in my opinion. I think the Vita offers a more diverse game library which includes games ranging from FPS to adventure games to puzzle games etc.

tubers2559d ago

The problem is that the VITA needs to achieve better market penetration. Anything you've mentioned isn't yet enough.

We need bigger system sellers be it port or what not.

Another hurdle of the system is that it's too marketed close to the PS3 (but how else are they gonna market it?).. Thus a lot of the "supposed" exclusive console quality games on the VITA (except GR and not including "ports" and such) appear as castrates of the franchise.

It's gonna be hard not to cut corners due to some hardware limitations and the 39.99 price.. Some devs might as well develop a title on much more popular platforms.

That's a fact: from Sony significantly cutting sales projection from 10m last year and their CEO stating market acceptance issues (No! The big company won't just show it's tail behind their back publicly and thus is telling of the whole VITA situation).

If western 3rd party devs aren't enough, ask more from Sony in house dev teams at least!

TheLastGuardian2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Well, I actually own a Vita and I'm completely satisfied with it's game library so far. It's got a lot of great exclusives. I play it for hours everyday and haven't run out of exclusive games to play on it yet. As a matter of fact, I have a rather large backlog of games on my Vita and I haven't even bought half of the Vita games out currently that I plan on buying.

I could game strictly on my Vita if I wanted to and have more that enough good games to play in just about every genre. You think "Vita hardly has any games" because you don't educate yourself on the Vita's game library like I do. You just don't know what you're missing.

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V0LT2560d ago

It is too expensive to get into it.

BrianC62342559d ago

It's no more expensive than buying an iPod and people have no problem spending that kind of money on those. Why is $250 so much?

showtimefolks2560d ago

i think Vita is doing poorly not only because of what people consider high price or not enough content but because handheld market has shrunk

Vita is not targeting 3DS crowd, its going after core fan base and has more of a home console approach. Mobile Market has taken a big share out of gaming handheld. why pay for a $40 game when you can buy one from app store for $2.99

IMO in the long run Vita will do fine maybe it won't sell 70-80 million units but if it stays on the market and gets some support i can see 40-50 million lifetime sales. Let's get one thing out of the way its a awesome machine

price is what people complain about yet they have forgotten so fast that most were expecting minimum of $349-299 price point so when it launched at $249 it was a low price to begin with. Also this Theory about not having a lot of games, well Vita Launched with 25 Games so maybe sony should have spread those out over a 6-8 months period.

but than is that also what we want from ps4 and next xbox? should both companies launch with a lot of software upfront than nothing for a year or should it be 10 games at launch but than 1-2 new games each month or every other month? It seems like to me a system launches with 20 games 2 months later people are asking where are the games

Been a long time PS brand fan and have come to realize that with sony its not a race, its a marathon.

Get Vita if you have the money, or wait for some good sale like they had at black friday with memory card and a game.

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