PS3 Fanboy exclusively presents: Insomniac music video, director's commentary

PS3 Fanboy writes: Did you watch the Insomniac recruitment video? Of course you did. Here's an exclusive for PS3 Fanboy readers. Ryan Schneider from Insomniac joins us to give a few behind-the-scenes commentary for the video. Find out a few new tidbits about the development team and get a few more hints about this Resistance 2 game they have going on.

Q: What was the inspiration for creating a recruitment music video?

A: Well, when you go to things like GDC, everybody has their typical video. In general, everyone has their recruitment video – it's very "been there, done that." We just wanted to do something different. We wanted to create a video that captures who we really are and this video does. It shows that we take our games very seriously but not ourselves.

Q: There are numerous Resistance 2 easter eggs hidden throughout the video.

A:That's right.

Q:For example, there's this screen that seemingly says there's twelve new Chimera enemies.

A:It appears that way. There are some secrets in there, but I guess it seems that twelve new Chimera enemies is confirmed. I don't recall how many were in the original, but that doesn't include any returning favorites.

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Qbanboi3887d ago

I say it before, and i say it again. Best developers EVER.

Stubacca3887d ago

Insomniac are just phenomenal. Keep them awake.