UGO: The Club Review

UGO writes: Bizarre Creations'The Club is a bewildering beast of a video game. The core gameplay conceit of tightly focused speed and combo runs through a mixture of gun-toting enemy-filled maps works extremely well in practice. Problem is, nearly everything surrounding what works is astoundingly unimpressive, from the "set up and discard" approach to an otherwise compelling backstory to the game's criminally tacked-on multiplayer. The Club certainly isn't a total waste, but the underlying quality of the gameplay makes the pain of its lesser bits and pieces feel all the more acute.

The multiplayer mode is where things take a turn for the troublesome. Rather than allowing players to compete in Tournament and Single Event online, Bizarre instead tacked on - sorry, best way to describe it - eight individual- and team-based multiplayer modes.

The Club does not disappoint on a technical level. The visuals are generally solid, though character animations are a bit too stiff and learning maps can be a pain thanks to unclear route markers. But overall The Club's presentation does not disappoint. Especially once you factor in the great sound design, the highlight of which is an unseen announcer calling out stylish kills in a booming, reverb-heavy voice. The controls, on the other hand, leave quite a bit to be desired. Most importantly, they're just too sluggish. Even with the game on its highest sensitivity setting, aiming and turning on the run is surprisingly unresponsive.

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