Why is the ‘Girl Gamer’ Treated so Bad in Public?

As if getting harassed over online matches wasn’t bad enough, the negative behavior presented by our male counterparts is being carried over to the way girl gamers are treated in public. So you’re a girl, you do average girl things like doing your hair, putting on make-up and making sure your clothes are fitted properly. You do this not because you’re trying to impress anyone but because that’s just the way you do things. Girls tend to like to put on heels from time to time or spray fragrances to make they smell pretty but doing all these things never makes them any less of a gamer. Why do we do it; because that’s just what we do... Not to place females or males in any sort of stereotype but when it comes down to it girls tend to like to look as nice when they venture out in any public setting. Although everyone might not feel the same way, it is common for girls of all types to look their best when presenting themselves to the public despite what shape they are, what color they are or how tall they are. The way girl gamers are treated in an everyday setting by their gaming peers is different because they care about their appearance and are often time judged base off of their gender.

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Linko642561d ago

It's not like you'd disagree with the site your seemingly write/advertise for

knowyourstuff2561d ago

lol I know right. If you're a girl who puts on makeup and does her hair, and gets trashed because you look nice, you might want to stop hanging around children's playgrounds, where there are prepubescent boys who make fun of anything girly.

I mean, what guy past puberty is trashing a girl for looking good? Are you serious? Guys trash girls who are fat and disgusting, not the ones who are dressed sexy. What planet are you living on? lmao

SheaHoff2561d ago

If you experience this as a female gamer, consider the source hah :D

Decaf_PIxel_Kat2561d ago

I really haven't experienced this, especially at my local game stop.

SheaHoff2561d ago

Luckily, I haven't either :)

TheGrimBunny2561d ago

I have seen this happen numerous times before, but I have also just seen them not taken seriously.


so wait, girls like to dress nice and smell nice... ok noted.

TheSuperior 2561d ago

Some Do, Some Dont. Chun Li makes me think not all girls like to smell so good :P

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The story is too old to be commented.